The chief was looking up at the ceiling. Now that he knew the truth, he was obviously beginning to get troubled about the virus I had encountered. Officer Hardy, on the other hand, had left earlier in my storytelling moment to “go stop a jewelry robbery”. It wasn’t hard to see he was lying. At least he was gone for now.

Jakobs came in to replace him. He was an odd, nerdy sort of fellow. He always seemed nervous with his job even though it was just working at a desk. You would think he was trying to defuse an explosive device instead.

“I can’t hold up those kids for long” Jakobs said, bringing up the subject of my friends who had come to see me. “It’s getting late; they don’t want to stay here all night”.

The chief looked at his watch and noted the time: 8:35 pm. I had been in this dark, gray interrogation room for more than five hours. Probably more than that, but at this point counting wasn’t very important to me.

“Well, I don’t want them in here and bombarding me with the same story this kid is giving to me” Harley replied. “Hold them as long as you can”. He turned to face me.

“Alright, but they won’t like it” Jakobs said nervously.

“Then that’s their problem” the chief replied, frustrated with him. He now turned to face me.

“I’d prefer it if this story was wrapped up soon. Deadline’s midnight kid”.

“Then I may just go to midnight, that is, if you want me to get all the details in” I responded.

“Let’s not start to get all wise-ass now, hmm?” the chief replied. I shrugged.

“I’m just telling you what I have to”.

“Then can it be any faster?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll get to it”.

Jakobs leaned against the door, his ear pressed against it. “Phone’s ringing chief” he reported.

Harley sighed. “That’s HQ no doubt, ready to bug me about that report. Let the machine get it”.

“You sure?” Jakobs asked him, “They won’t take that too well”.

“I got until midnight to give them what they want, so they can wait for a bit now, can’t they?”

Jakobs shrugged. “Okay. Just want me to ignore their calls then?” The chief nodded. He again went back to face me.

“See, this is what I have to deal with. So if you make this quick, I won’t have to” Harley said. “And Jakobs?”

“Yeah chief?” Jakobs answered.

“When he’s done crying, get Hardy back in here. He needs to give me some of the details for the report. He was in here before I was, and since he was involved he needs to build his own report. I may need one from you too”.

I waited for the chief to finish. “Should I keep going?”

Harley nodded and motioned with his hand that I may continue. I had been telling this story for so long, and I wanted it over with. It wasn’t fun having to recall the events that would forever haunt you until you keeled over dead. Assuming that those thoughts died with me.

The End

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