Chapter 2: P3Mature

I took off in a sprint towards Hannah. “Get moving!” I shouted to them. A zombie leaped out at me, and I kicked it back. It let out an outraged roar and took another stab at me, but I sidestepped it.

I looked behind me to see Carson and Hannah already making a run for the gym double doors. I ran after them, but one of the zombies grabbed my foot and tripped me up. I found myself face to face with my zombie attacker, none other than Chase Davids! He looked just as disfigured and mutilated as the missing foot zombie. I was suddenly fueled with anger; Chase had started this. He was infecting the entire school!

I punched Chase off of me before any other zombies could gang up on me. But before I could enter the double doors, the infected Chase recuperated and blocked my path, with a few other zombies closing in on me. My heart was pounding heavily, and I saw my life flash before my eyes.

All I could think of was how painful their claw and teeth will feel… how long would it take before I blacked out… I saw no hope.

Then I remembered Tinna was with me. I turned around to see if she as still there… but she had left me. I noticed her running down the hall towards the band room, along with some other students.

My options had reached zero. I counted four of the creatures circling in for the kill, just like a pack of wolves… I kept backing up until I was leaning on the wall behind me, sweating and shivering from fear. Suddenly, I realized that I WAS by a wall. The lunch line room was directly behind me.

Everything in my body switched on auto-pilot. My hand shot out for the lunch door and I swung it open, effectively blocking off one of the zombies from charging. I slammed the door behind me as a temporary blockade to the other three. It was a metal door, but not nearly as heavy as the cafeteria door; those animals would have no trouble tearing through this one.

I was stuck in a nearly black environment. I could barely see the outlines of the tables, refrigerators, and other kitchen utensils and appliances scattered around. No humans appeared to have taken refuge in here, leaving me alone in the darkness.

The door behind me began to wobble, and I heard the zombies growling out of frustration, throwing their full body weight against the door. Once again, options were limited.

At this point, my mind began to completely break down. These were former students out there! Something made them turn into humanoid creatures capable of killing people within seconds. I saw the infection happening! I should have known!

I was a fucking soccer player, not a scientist or a magician or anything… I couldn’t keep calm and get out of here! I wasn’t that guy! Michael clearly was… Michael KNEW this—

And then it hit me. Michael Laney was the answer to my problems. If I could somehow navigate into the football lockers, I’d be willing to bet he would be in there hidden under a bench or something, staying true to his word. It was a longshot, but it was my only shot.

Now I settled down and began to quickly analyze my problem: I was trapped in the kitchen. Four doors led to it. The one I came through as the furthest to the left, and the one closet to the gym was at the furthest right door. The zombies were too preoccupied to be checking that one.

To be safe, I slowly crept in the shadows, making as little noise as I could, waiting for the last possible moment to make a sprint for the gym. I needed to make sure the infected were going through that particular door, and when it finally fell down I would already be gone.

As I neared the other door, I heard the original one finally give way to the onslaught of the creatures. It was blown away, sliding across the floor, knocking over all of the tables in its way. As soon as I saw the first abomination take a step inside, I swiftly exited through my door and entered the gym quickly, not taking a moment to pause and oversee the carnage.

I didn’t know what really happened in that cafeteria… how the students died. How many got away, or tried to. Hopefully, I never will know.

Now I could breathe easily. I took off at a jogging pace down the gym hallway, the bright lights occasionally flickering on and off, briefly leaving the white walls and tiled floor in darkness. It felt like a horror movie scene, with me trapped in a never-ending hallway, insanity slowly taking hold.

Near the middle of the passage was where the football lockers resided. I tried the handle, attempting to throw the blue door open, but it didn’t budge. Unless it was locked originally, someone had to be in there.

I banged on the door. “Is anyone in there? Anyone?!”

A though crossed my mind; what if Michael had been pegged already?

The door opened quickly and I stumbled inside, breathing heavily. The door was slammed behind me and locked.

“I thought you were gonna die Tyler!” a voice exclaimed. It was Trent, who pulled me up to my feet. “Don’t scare me like that.”

Harry was right behind him, looking equally troubled. “You alright?” he asked quickly, his eyes moving across my body.

“It’ll take more than a few undead freaks to stop me,” I answered confidently, giving a little smile.

“Not the time to brag, Andrew Lincoln,” Harry grinned.

I looked over my shoulder, taking in the environment of the cramped gray room: essentially a labyrinth of steel lockers and benches. I was glad that my friends had figured that it would be a temporary haven, and it thankfully appeared to be cluttered enough to hold off a potential assault.

Leaning on a wall behind me was Carson. He nodded at me, as though that was his meaning of thanks for saving his life back in the cafeteria. As much as I disliked him, I was glad another living being made his way into the room. Strength in numbers was key at this point.

Hannah was sitting on a bench behind him, crying. Carson sat down and put his arm around her. This time I didn’t complain about him being by her side. As far as I was concerned, an apocalypse discontinued any ongoing rivalries.

Looking around the room, I was surprised to see that a few more students had managed to make their way into the football lockers. They must have had the same idea, maybe even got it from Michael himself. There was Burt Williams, the quarterback for our football team, Rachel Yong, Steven Federer, Geoff Phillips, and his younger sister Maria. They all looked beat up and out of breath. 

The End

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