Chapter 1: P2Mature

The door opened and a big officer came in. Big might have been an understatement for this giant. He looked to be far above 6 feet tall with a strong build. His face had a pair of blazing blue eyes that seemed to cut into my soul, various scars, and jet-black hair. The nametag on his uniform read, ‘Officer Hardy’. I didn’t have the energy to laugh at the name.

He pushed the chair opposite me aside and stood instead. He slammed a folder on the table with such force that it made the table vibrate. Everything paused for a moment and nothing happened. After an uncomfortable moment, the large officer then began talking.

“Tyler Goades,” he began in a deep voice, “The perfect example of a normal teenage boy.” He opened up the folder, skimmed through some papers, then continued talking. “You’re a straight-A sophomore student, no records of any misbehaving in classes. You play soccer on the varsity team, one of the best players. Other than that, your life is the perfect definition of basic.”

I remained completely silent. I sensed a great deal of power in this man and interrupting his little monologue seemed like a mistake. As much as I wanted to lash out against him, I held myself back.

The big man flicked through more pages, then closed the folder. He then proceeded to walk over to my side. “Despite all of these details, however, you somehow are involved in an interesting affair.” He began pacing around the table. “There was a large explosion at Rueger High School. All building residents excluding seven students were killed. One of them was you. Coincidentally, you were ‘friends’ with these survivors.”

“Let me explain, there was some sort of disease that was-“

Officer Hardy held up a hand. “You’re in no position to talk right now.”

After he was sure I was to remain silent, the officer went on, his words leaving me with a deadly warning. “One of these survivors was a girl. Hannah Stoffer. She is in an interrogation room in here.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. At least I knew that Hannah was okay. But then I became worried… if she got captured, did anyone else? I had too many questions and no answers.

“We questioned her earlier. She had many interesting things to say. Instead of saying the explosion was an act of violence, according to her the whole scenario in the high school was a zombie infection. Naturally, no one believes a tall-tale like this. It’s a simple fact that zombies and monsters such as them do not exist.”

The giant looked as though he was completely worn out, and as soon as he mentioned the word zombies I could see the light fading from his eyes. That’s just perfect. A cop that thought my story was not only stupid, but boring.

“We’ve simply written her off as a mentally unstable individual, probably suffering from the trauma of the event. Maybe she was fully involved, maybe she wasn’t. All we heard was zombies. Zombies running around and killing people.” He laughed after his last statement.

“Somehow they were able to take over the entire school. They were slaughtering people and biting and scratching. The best part is, they were able to seal the doors. Not sure how, but they figured it out. There was no way exit the building.” He smiled, shaking his head. He then turned and looked at me. “I have to admit, it’s some story.”

I remained completely silent the whole time, fighting back my urge to interrupt his talking. Instead I just stared intently at the table in front of me, avoiding eye contact. The grayness became mesmerizing; staring at it made it swirl around like a swimming pool, inviting me to dive in and drown away all my troubles.

 “Do you have anything to say to this?” I heard Officer Hardy say, my head snapping out of its trance. I looked up at him, maintaining my vacant glare.

Officer Hardy waved his hand and nodded, motioning that now he wanted me to start talking. “Make our lives—your life easier, by just giving us the truth.”

I looked up at the officer. “There is no way that you’d believe me. But I don’t have much of a choice. Let me say before I begin, that no matter what you think, this story is completely true. It may seem completely far-fetched, but it is nothing but the truth.”

“Really. Well, I’ll take your word on it. I’m assuming this will be more zombies?” he said calmly, though with a hint of annoyance.

“People died because of this. I saw it happen, I was there. This is something that was very real and it needs to be exposed.”

“I’m sure it does. I’d rather hear about the mass murder of over 800 students in a gigantic explosion that you were implicated in. Not only did you help make the bomb, but you apparently detonated it.”

“There was a reason for that!” I shouted, becoming red with anger.

The officer disturbed my speech again. “And I’m sure there was, and it sure as hell had nothing to do with a bunch of monsters ruling over an entire school in broad daylight,” he said, further patronizing me.

“Right now, you’re looking at a heap of charges. Terrorism is only the tip of the iceberg. If I were you, I’d get to talking about the honest truth, or there’s going to be nothing further to discuss here.”

“You want to know the honest truth? Then you’ll have to listen to what I have to say,” I said firmly.

The officer shrugged, then dragged the chair he pushed aside earlier to his side and sat down in it. “Alright. Go ahead,” he said. He leaned forward. “I like a good story.”

As long as he received no further directives from his superiors, I assumed I was clear to tell my story. However, I was beginning to get a nagging feeling in the back of my head that things were about to go very south.

After all I went through, I had to go through it again. This would be fun.

I took a deep breath. “It started out as what I thought would be just a normal day going to school. There really wasn’t anything you could assume from the way they day looked. It was just your textbook ordinary day…”

The End

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