The Infection Chapter 3: Massacre BeginningMature

Oh god no.

Hannah was right. All of our escape routes were blocked by
this strange white substance. We were stuck in a zombie-infested high school
with nowhere to turn to.

“We’ll all have our brains sucked out by these evil demons!”
Michael shouted, curling up into a ball and whimpering. Carson bowed his head
and scratched his hair, at a loss for words. Burt, the man with the plan, had
nothing to say.

I refused to believe that we were trapped, about to die.
“We’re busting out of here, no matter what” I declared. “I’m not gonna get torn
apart by those mutants”.

“But there’s no way out” Hannah said. “All of our exits are

“There’s gotta be a way” I replied.

Burt turned around at me with a look of annoyance on his
face. “Well Mr. Genius, if you’ve been paying attention you would have seen
that the doors and windows are all sealed. No way out”.

I heard a faint banging sound in the distance. The same sort
of banging sound I had heard when the zombies were trying to knock down the
cafeteria door.

“If we make some sort of battering ram, we can possibly
break through” Steven suggested.

“How are we gonna make a battering ram inside high school?”
Rachel pointed out.

More banging sounds emitted from down the hall. Everyone
kept talking about their crazy plans to get out of here. “Guys, quiet!” I
snapped. I was greeted by silence.

“What…was that?” Hannah asked, fear in her voice. The
banging continued.

“Oh god” Geoff exclaimed, “The zombies are breaking

As if on cue, the door leading to the gym at the end of the
hall was sent flying into the wall, landing with a clanging noise on the floor.
The zombie horde charged inside the hallway and could clearly see us at the end
of it. One of them made a roaring sound, almost like a battle cry, then led the
charge against us.

“Get in the girl’s lockers!” Trent shouted, running inside
them as he spoke. We all were in hot pursuit of him, the only thing flashing in
our minds being ‘run, survive’”.

The zombies were moving too fast. Our group was almost all
inside the safety of the locker room when the first zombie reached us. It
lunged out at Carson, who was near the end of the line, and stabbed him in the
arm. He cursed, then landed an uppercut on his attacker. Afterwards he bolted
inside the lockers.

One of the zombies at the front of the charge leaped out at
Michael Laney, who was it the end of the line, and grabbed his foot, tripping
him up. He tried to crawl back into the lockers, but the zombies dragged him
into their ranks, their tongues eagerly licking their teeth.

“They’ll eat me aliveeeeeee!!!!” Michael screamed. One of
the zombies stabbed him in the heart and silenced him. The mutants then began
feasting on his remains, tearing away whatever was inedible.

Carson locked the door, then collapsed on the floor.

“Michael…” Steven said, pain in his voice. The two of them
had been pretty good friends.

Harry cursed, which was unlike him. “Those zombies will bump
us off, one by one. We have no way to fight them”.

Hannah ran over to Carson. “Are you alright?’ she asked him,
noticing the wound in his arm.

“Perfectly…fine” he grunted, getting back up into a standing
position. Something was obviously wrong about him though. Some of his skin was
peeling off, and he looked deathly pale. I was immediately worried, as these
were the same symptoms Chase had before he was infected.

“First Michael” Maria said, “then someone else. Then
another. And another. We’ll be wiped out eventually”.

There were various sounds heard from outside the door. Maybe
the zombies were already breaking in, and if they were that door wouldn’t be
standing much longer.

“That doesn’t sound good” Harry said, stepping closer to the
door. Rachel pulled him back.

“That thing could fall down any moment” she said. Personally,
I think she was just protecting him.

Burt looked around the room, took a few deep breaths, then
spoke. “We need another plan” he said. “There must be some sort of way to break
that white substance. I think there’s a back door in here that leads back to
the janitor’s closet. We can take a back way through the gym, and look around
for some science rooms. Maybe there are materials in there that we can use to-“

Without warning, the door burst open and the zombies rushed
in! We all scattered around the room, trying to find a way out. All I could
hear were shouts and screams as everyone tried desperately to find a way to
escape. Somehow I managed to locate Hannah amidst all the chaos and grabbed her
hand. “This way!” I shouted, guiding her to a back door. I knew from Harry the
layout of the girl’s locker room, though I didn’t like knowing it.

I opened up the door and ran inside, then opened another
door which led to a hallway the janitor’s used to access the locker rooms. I
had forgotten there was a door like this one in the football lockers, and I had
almost forgotten there was a back door in the girl’s locker room, but
thankfully Burt jogged my memory. If only I knew of the back door when we were
in the football lockers. Possibly, it could’ve led to a different plan which
wouldn’t have ended in Michael Laney’s death.

I sat down in the hallway to take a breather. There was no
doubt in my mind that everyone in that locker room was killed. No one could
have survived. At the same time, I hoped I was wrong. I wasn’t sure how my life
would go on without Trent and Harry by my side.

Hannah sat down beside me and laid her head on my shoulder.
“They’re all dead, aren’t they” she said, a tone of sadness in her voice. I
felt so evil then. I just had to go and save Hannah, to fulfill that stupid
fantasy story of mine, not the person she loved or my best friends. Now I was
moving in on her. The heck is wrong with me?

She must have read that mind, because she said, “There
wasn’t anything you could’ve done”.

I shook my head. “I could’ve saved Carson. I could’ve saved
Trent and Harry. I could have saved Maria, Steven, Geoff, Burt…I could have…”

She turned and looked at me, her eyes sparkling, holding off
tears. “Your incredibly brave, Tyler. This whole time, you’ve kept your cool
and rallied us on. You saved my life…twice. You and I, if we work together, we
can still make it”.

I bowed my head. I had let everyone down, let them die, I
thought. Then Hannah brought my head up and looked at me again. “You saved me”
she said. Seeing her know reminded me she was one of the first friends I ever
had…after Trent and I met, she moved into my neighborhood and we started
hanging out. I started to like her…maybe I just liked her so much, and we were
such good friends, I had to save her.

Before I knew it, our faces were moving closer to each other,
our eyes closed. Our lips lightly touched, she holding me close, and me
likewise. Finally, we parted and looked at each other again.

That’s when we heard the door open and the sound of
footsteps coming closer. Immediately I assumed it was the zombies and got up to
face them. “Stay back” I told Hannah. But there was no them, just one guy, who
wasn’t a zombie.

Burt had made it out.


A man with a slightly orange handlebar mustache walked
inside the room. His uniform was dark blue, unlike most of the officers who had
light-ish blue uniforms. This must mean he held a high position at the station.
I appeared to be right, as his nametag read “Harley Darrell, Chief of Police”.

The man introduced himself by rereading what it said on his
nametag. Another officer walked inside the room and placed a chair next to
Officer Hardy’s. The Chief walked over and took a seat.

“I have been listening to your story so far” he started off.
He crossed his arms. “I gotta say, it’s a bunch of crap to me”. Of course the
Chief of Police would believe my story to be crap. Of course.

“However, Hannah Stoffer had said many things similar to
your story. There must be some truth in this”.

Officer Hardy protested. “Sir, there is nothing truthful
about this. There’s no such thing as-“

“The stories are very similar. They must go by something”
the Chief said, cutting Hardy off.

The Chief stared at me hard. “Now, tell me the truth, no
more zombies”.

I shook my head. “Then it wouldn’t be the truth”.

The Chief seemed to have a short fuse. “Darnit, there is no
such thing as zombies!” he shouted, banging his fist on the table. “Every
disease in the world has been seen, researched, and recorded. There is no such
thing as a ‘zombie virus’. Give it up”.

“Yes, there is!” I protested. “The only reason it hasn’t
been seen, researched, and recorded, is because we destroyed it in the
explosion! If we hadn’t, those things would be rampaging around the community!”

“Now there is some truth” Harley said. “There was an
explosion at the high school. Only seven people survived”.

“There were only seven people left inside the school.
Everyone else was a zombie. We had an escape route ready, but we decided that
the zombies couldn’t be left alive. So we created a makeshift bomb to destroy

“Or this was a terrorist attack on the school” Officer Hardy
chimed in.

The Chief nodded. “That’s what I was thinking”. He looked at
me, hate in his eyes. “You killed all those people in the school. You and your
friends planned it all out I’m guessing. You made the bomb so well that not
much evidence was left. But” he continued, “enough was left to arrest you”.

Oh my God, they’re arresting me. If they think I’m a
terrorist and I killed all those people, I’ll be executed for sure. I needed to
find a way out of this situation, but I couldn’t convince them enough. I felt
as though I was pinned against a wall without anywhere to turn to.

“Please, listen” I pleaded with the officers, “My story is
completely true. You said Hannah said a lot of the things I said. Our stories
are similar”.

“She was a partner in your bomb plot, wasn’t she” the Chief
said. “She’ll face the same charges at you”.

I cursed, then said, “Ask my other alleged partners. They’ll
have the same story!”

“Because you told them that if they were interrogated, they
would say that story” Hardy said.

I finally figured out how to sway them to listening to my
story some more. “I’m not stupid” I said, “and I’m not some video-gaming nerd
that would tell this story as an excuse. You said it, Officer Hardy; I’m a
straight-A student. I wouldn’t make up this tale to get out of anything because
no one would believe it. I would only tell a story like this if it was
completely true”.

I looked at the two officers. The Chief opened his mouth,
then closed it as though he lost what he was going to say. Officer Hardy had a
look of anger on his face, as though he was sick of me making good points that
kept him through my story.

“Alright, let me continue” I said. “I’ll try to get to the
point fast”.

The End

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