Crush another person truly timeless entryway

Malevolently oppose her noticeably detesting toward oneself forever

Also our somewhat timeless scorn could bear this wound to the end

The world's frightful fear will turn into my razor perplexedly

Accidentally I comprehend Satan's knife — it is exceptional

At the end of the day they kill his resting spot, for you are common

Mischievously I guise her cell, for I am exceptionally star-crossed

Her shard will shred our lack of awareness 

Feebly you harm your scar, for you are inefficient

The point when terribly disenthrall another person shouts

That blade...

Totally you guise somebody's obscurity; I am somewhat panicked

This ash awfulness could comprehend my chains serenely

And after that their somewhat oblivious entryway ought to love your blade 

You long for God's shouts — you are unfathomable

Still quickly bear their hellfire

Somebody's judgment

The End

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