The InfectedMature

Well, looks like I should get round to posting something by me, so yeah :D This is off the top of my head, I love writing things spur of the moment, and see where they lead :D Got a general idea, but after that, who knows? :L


 My shoes were gone. I looked down at my feet in disbelief, which looked sore, skin torn off on every square inch. I guess I just hadn't noticed. Come to think of it, I had barely any clothes left at all. My jeans were ripped to shreds from various climbing activities and near escapes, so much that they could pass for fashionable shorts in yesterday's world. Except for of course it was smeared in dirt and blood, both mine and other's. My shirt, I noticed, was once my favourite, back when I gave a damn. Black and skinny with a cute little logo, but littered with holes. The only thing that kept me warm? A skimpy denim jacket I'd found while passing through a town. I used to be squeamish about blood, but I guess once you've seen a certain amount of dead bodies, you grow used to it. God knows who made that large red stain on the cuffs.

 I shook my head, beginning to move foward again. I couldn't spend too much time in one place, and especially not out in the open! Wait, where exactly was I? I looked up from keeping my eyes trained to the floor, to take in my surroundings. It looked so normal, peaceful even. Maybe i'd come to a sort of safe haven, where the infected couldn't reach me. Or those god-damn slayers for that matter. They were just as bad as eachother. Maybe this place was teaming with humans? I'd forgotten what they looked like, it had been so long. I'd forgotten what I looked like in fact, except from a few quick glances into smashed glass.

 It was quite like a meadow, ankle length grass wavering in the slight breeze, and it seemed to stretch for miles! A stream trickled past nearby. Without thinking twice, I shot towards it at lightning speed. I came to a sudden halt before it, dropping to my knees, and dunking my head straight in. It felt so good! I gulped down as many mouthfuls of water as I could bear to take, before resurfacing, gasping for breath. I washed my feet, my face, my numerous wounds. I sat for a while, watching the tiny fish swim frantically in all directions. I didn't want to leave this spot! Actually, I suppose I don't have to... Eyes trailing round the meadow once more, I spotted a large collection of bushes off to the corner. Shelter. Looks like i've found my resting place for the night.

The End

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