Blood on their hands.

I raised my eyebrow,

"Are you and Oliver friends?" I asked, Jack smiled,


"You and Zac?"

"Brothers," he replied simply,

"I don't understand," I replied honestly, I pulled out a weed and planted a bulb before Jack replied,

"You probably never will, and that's the great thing about you Isabella, you're very accepting. Most humans in your situation would be in hysterics right now, totally afraid... but you're different,"

"I don't know what I am," I mumbled rubbing the mud off my hands,

"You'll soon find out," Jack told me, I stopped working and sat back on my legs,

"I mean, who am I Jack? You all seem to know a whole lot more about me than I do, there's something which I haven't quite grasped, and I think the reason is because of this," I shoved out my wrist to show Jack the scar, Jack could barely look at it, it seemed to almost burn his eyes,

"What's that got to do with anything?" he asked rubbing his eyes,

"It's given me memory loss, if I could have a memory of what happened to me that night...I think it would help. If I knew in context, then I'd probably be in hysterics. But Jack, I don't know how to act," I admitted, "I don't feel anything really," I said putting my hand on my heart, "nothing," I mumbled,

"What do you want to know?" he asked digging ferociously at the mud,

"Everything," I admitted,

"That's an awful lot," he said smiling slightly,

"I'll narrow it down," I said putting a bulb in the hole he'd just dug, "Tell me about before, before I was brought into this world,"

"I don't know much," Jack said,

"That's more than me," I retorted, he nodded,

"Right. There's not much to say, humans have lived on this earth for a few thousand years, not as long as angels at all. But they've achieved so much, from the first human to the last; in the short time technology has been rapidly growing." He paused to check I still understood, my face said it all, "Right, you're not interested in the development of man are you?" he smiled, "Your time Isabella is the present time, you were born sixteen years ago to a family. A man and a woman, your father was a descendant from the angels, a long lost descendant but one nevertheless. A few nights later, you were sleeping in your cot at home when they came,"

"Who are they?" I asked enwrapped,

"Us," Jack said bitterly, "The Fallen," he specified, "We came to seek out your father and kill him," I gasped,

"You killed my parents?" I asked,

"We had to get rid of the past Isabella, to restore the future." I was beginning to feel angry, "Your father was a mistake, which had continued to spread - like a disease," I glared at Jack,

"So my family spreads like a disease?" I asked, Jack nodded his head,

"And we're the doctors to stop it," he replied, "We had to correct this mistake to even get a chance to go back up there," he pointed to the sky. "We killed your father, and then your mother killed herself a few days later. None of us noticed you in the cot,"

"You were there?" I asked remembering they didn't age,

"I...I killed him Isabella..." Jack stuttered emotion suddenly building up in his voice,

"You killed my parents?" I cried,

"I had no choice, please believe me," Jack stopped and look at me, his eyes were full of tears, "we had to wipe out all the descendants before they started to spread again,"

"So why not kill me now? Or are you going to do it publically to show all the angels that the last of the human-angel descendants are dead, then you could celebrate with a party? Hey why not torture me to death? That'd be fun, right? Then you could all celebrate and go to heaven and live happily every after!" Jack put his hand on my mouth, I continued to mumble into it, Jack waited until I had finished and then sat back,

"We're not going to kill you Isabella," he told me,

"Oh gee thanks!" I added sarcastically, Jack smiled, "What?!" I demanded,

"Although you can't remember any of your past life and you haven't met any humans in your new life, humans can always be counted on to be sarcastic,"

"Get back to the point," I snapped,

"In honesty Isabella, I would have killed you too if I had known you were there, but there was something guarding you that night," I stopped playing with the mud in front of me and looked,

"What was it?" I asked slowly,

"Not it... who."




The End

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