Questions of Truth

Chapter Nine

The day passed quickly, Zac left me in the gardens and went to speak with Cam, he didn’t return so I decided to wander around. I found an orchard and a rose garden; I sat down by a trickling stream and dangled my feet in as the sun beat down on my head.
“Cold?” asked a voice from behind me; I jumped and spun around to see a tall, dark haired boy leaning against the gatepost. He walked over to me and sat down, he took off his shoes and dangled his feet in too, he let out a small yelp as the ice-cold water skimmed his feet, I laughed embarrassed by this boy’s confidence,

“Do you live here?” I asked, the boy acted offended and placed his hand on his chest,

“You, Isabella, don’t know my name? I’m shocked, did neither Cam nor Zac mention me?”

“I’m sorry…no,” I said quietly, the boy smiled sweetly and his curls bounced on his head,

“I’m not important,” he sighed, “I am a mere grounds keeper,”

“So you are not an angel?”

“Angels can do the dirty work too!” he smiled, “anyway, I like it out here, it’s peaceful and I can be with God and his marvellous creation,” he grinned,

“It is beautiful,” I granted, he held out his hand, it was covered in mud,

“I’m Jack,” he shook my hand forcefully and then decided to wipe the mud clean,

“How old are you?” I asked, I could not guess his body look muscular but his face was childish and beautiful.

“Roughly 4.54 billion years,” he grinned as I pouted, “I’m 17, if that’s the answer you were looking for,” he stood up and helped me up, “want to help?” he asked,

“Doing what?” I asked, he shrugged,

“There is just so much to do!” he took my hand and led me to the gate, “come on!” he called starting to sprint along the plain field of grass to another gate in the wall, I ran after him at a much slower pace. It looked as if he wasn’t even touching the floor; I groaned and pressed myself on. He slowed to a stop and turned expecting me to be right behind him, as he saw me running far off in the distance he burst out laughing and fell to the floor, I didn’t think it was particularly funny, he wasn’t human so he probably had some weird deformity which made him faster. Finally, only when I caught up with him did he stop laughing and get up,
“What’s so funny?” I challenged,

“Nothing really, I just find small things funny,”

“You must have a small mind,” I joked,

“You are right, small minds are easily amused, but I would rather a small, amused mind than a great old boring one. You have to learn to live Belle, especially when you’re billions of years old. Life gets dull, you need to live in the moment, cherish it!” he grinned again and because to walk off to the gate, I groaned and followed.  

“How come you are so fast?” I asked, apart from the obvious good looks and strength, he looked totally human, if I passed him in the street I wouldn’t think he was anything supernatural, but then again I hadn’t believed in the supernatural until a week ago, well I didn’t think I did. Although I would do a double take if I saw any of the boys in the street, they were all beautiful and naturally they had something angelic about their features.

“It’s a gift, you know, Zac has poisonous saliva and Cam can read people’s minds, I’m just fast. It’s quite boring really,” he sighed,

“I think it’s cool, better than Zac’s,” I offered he grimaced,

“No, having an acidic mouth does sound bad, but actually God intended it to be the most powerful weapon,”

“Why, what is so especially great about it?”

“Zac is the most undeserving angel,”

“What do you mean?”

“He was very high up in heaven, he didn’t deserve to be thrown down here, the actual feature of acid in his mouth isn’t great, it signifies sin,”

“How?” I asked,

“Most sinful things develop around the mouth, lies, alcohol, sleeping with people before marriage…”

“I don’t get it, at all,” I admitted,

“You wouldn’t kill someone unless they had done something or said something, words make people angry. Zac cannot lie, eat or drink, kiss. All the things which take you away from God,”

“He can’t kiss?” I was shocked and upset, I had so very much wanted to press my lips onto his luscious red lips, I had been sure that he had too, but I guessed the acid would burn me.

“None of us are meant to, it’s not what we were made for,”

“What were you made for?”

“God’s messengers mainly, that is why you are such a big deal, being part angel means you are the walking proof that angels and humans were not meant to mix,”

“I’m proof of what? What is wrong with me?”

“Your life has been corrupt ever since you were born; your parents were slaughtered in front of you, meaning you grew up in orphanages and were fostered by evil people, had few nice friends. You were never meant to live,”

“So why am I alive? Why did God spare my life?” I asked angrily tears in my eyes,

“Because you are the key, the key to peace for all eternity,” I rolled my eyes,

“How much do you know about me?” I asked him, he shrugged,


“What is the purpose of my life? Why am I here today?”

“ I don’t know!” he looked angry, “stop asking so many questions and get to work,” he threw me a trowel and began digging away weeds. I copied him and we worked in silence for a few minutes,
“I don’t know much Belle, but I know that the Fallen don’t want you here just as a guest, they have an ulterior motive, something bad is going to happen. If I were you, I’d warn Oliver.”

The End

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