Supernatural Powers

Chapter Eight

The next day I woke up in a plush bed in a grand room. I couldn’t remember where I was for a split second, and then it all came rushing back to me. Ever since I had been evacuated from the hospital I had been in a trance, but now everything seemed so much more real, I sniffed and smelt waffles in the air. Jumping out of bed I noticed a note against the wardrobe, I peeled it off and read it,

Good Morning Belle
I trust you slept well, in the wardrobe you will find an outfit for every occasion, enjoy.

I had expected the note to be from Zac but nevertheless I was pleased I did not have to wear that revealing black dress, I placed on a pair of skinny jeans and a polo shirt. Having checked my appearance in the mirror and tolerating my look I strolled out into the large hallway. I looked up at the high ceilings at the angelic paintings painted intricately and walked straight into Cam who had his head buried in a book, just his touch knocked me straight to the ground.

“I am so sorry,” he blurted out falling to my side; he held me against the ground with one hand and looked up and down my body searching for something,

“What are you doing?” I growled trying to sit up but failing,

“Checking to see if anything is broken or…”

“She’s not that fragile!” said a luscious voice from behind Cam, I smiled up at Zac as he nudged Cam out the way with his foot and helped me up, Cam smiled sheepishly and picked up his book again. He hid it behind his back and nodded his head before quickly jogging down the stairway, Zac rolled his eyes and didn’t let go of my hand as I was led downstairs and sat at a long dinning room table. Zac left the room and was back seconds later with a steaming plate of waffles with maple syrup; I licked my lips and smiled as he placed it down in front of me. He sat next to me and watched me entranced as I began to eat. Feeling self conscious I offered him a waffle, he laughed and pushed it away gently,

“Not my sort of thing,” he said,

“What is it with you angels and not wanting to eat…” I paused and turned slowly to look at Zac again, I raised an eyebrow, “Do you even eat?”

“Nope,” he said putting exaggeration on the ‘P’, my face mashed,

“What do you eat, you know, to have strength?” I asked, he shrugged,

“I haven’t eaten for 4.54 billion years; I don’t think food equals strength in angel’s books,”

“Haven’t you ever even tried to eat…” I began offering the waffle to him again; he took it gingerly and sniffed it as if it were a smelly cheese. He tore the smallest amount off and popped it in his mouth, he didn’t even chew and the next moment he opened his mouth, he hadn’t even swallow.

“Tada!” he smiled as if it were a magic trick, I placed a larger amount in my mouth, chewed and swallowed each motion exaggerated,

“Tada!” I mimicked as best I could his voice, he chuckled,

“Look,” he took the whole waffle and placed it in his mouth, closed his lips and opened them again, it was gone. He had definitely not swallow I noted and my mouth gaped open,

“Okay, you got me. How did you do that?” I asked,

“A magician never reveals his tricks,” he said for the second time,

“Tell me!” I growled, he laughed and held out his palms to me in surrender,

“My body is slightly different to yours,” he began placing his palms down on the table cloth and eying my reaction, “my heart is twice the size of yours,” he said slowly, “my hearing and eyesight are far better and I have a sort of acid in my mouth which dissolves anything which doesn’t cohere with my body…” he trailed off and smiled, “stops me from eating, stops me from spitting in peoples faces,” he laughed loudly, “it would probably burn them.” I looked down blushing,

“So is this acid in your mouth like a weapon?” I asked,

“I don’t really know, I’m the only known angel who has it actually. We all have something different about us, some strange feature which makes us different,”

“What does Cam have?” I asked curious now,

“What do I have what?” Cam asked strolling in, nodding his head at Zac and coming to our side,

“What do you have, what feature I mean, do you have that is different?” Cam’s eyes lit up and he grinned,

“Mine is the coolest!” he enthused, Zac shook his head,

“No Oliver’s is the best.” He stopped suddenly, the mention of Oliver made Cams teeth snap together, his eyes narrowed and he turned to Zac,

“Don’t mention his name, he’s not one of us anymore,” Cam warned,

“Don’t speak to me like that. I am above you,” Zac said through clenched teeth, my heart sped up to equal out the high tension in the room. Cam shrugged,

“I know you are, but if you go swapping sides then I’ll be following you, and I really do not like their side, it’s too nice,”

“You don’t have to follow me anywhere!” Zac argued,

“I know I don’t, but I will Zac. You’re my brother; we stay together through thick and thin,”

“You’re brothers?” I asked surprised, both faces softened as they turned to me,

“That’s one way to describe it,” Zac said and turned to Cam,

“We’ll discuss this later,”

“What about your trick?” I asked as Zac pulled me away, Cam tapped the side of his head and beamed at me,

“I can see into peoples brains,” he smiled, “Don’t worry, Zac has banned me from seeing into yours…” he said after the look on my face must have shown complete shock. I sighed in relief as we left the room,

“What about Oliver’s then?” I asked, Zac’s grip on my hand tightened,

“Cam’s right, we shouldn’t talk about him,” he said sternly. “We shouldn’t mention them, they are our enemy now.”

The End

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