Past Repercussions

Chapter Seven

I sat back down on the chair and Zac shook his head, “Time for some show and tell,” he said evasively and walked away. I desperately wanted just a small portion of time to ready myself for this information but I was yearning to know everything, Zac sensed my hesitation.

“Take all the time in the world,” he said, I wasn’t sure if he was being sarcastic,

“Could I use the facilities?” I asked, Zac nodded and gestured to a door; I opened it and found myself in a grand bathroom. Going in and locking the door I went straight to the mirror and gazed at my unkempt reflection, I found a brush and began to pull through my hair; it was far too tangled to brush out. I turned round in vain and my eyes lay on a shower, I yearned to have one, in the Guardian’s household the facilities were limited to a toilet and sink. I found a towel and decided Zac wouldn’t mind if I was quick, I jumped inside and removed my ugly well-worn hospital dress and turn on the water full blast. I let the water drip down on my head and face, running it through my hair and washing off the dried blood, straight away I felt better. I used the shampoo and conditioner to get rid of the knots and grabbed the towel; stepping out the shower I noticed something new it was a pile of clothes. I walked gingerly over to them and lifted them up, my exact size, I shook my head in disbelief, they hadn’t been here when I came in… Nevertheless, I put on the black dress and hidden under the pile was make-up; I smiled to myself and went to the mirror. I couldn’t wait to hide my bruises and cuts on my face, after I had applied enough foundation to coat five people I put on the red shoes and walked outside. Zac was standing with his back to me gazing at a strange piece of artwork, which was far from modern, it was an angel falling out the sky its wings useless as it came crashing down.

“It looks a bit like you, that angel,” I noted, Zac turned round and sized me up, he smiled warmly at me and shrugged,

“That angel is me,” he said softly and I wasn’t sure if he actually said it, “You look great,” he spoke enthusiastically,

“Thank you for the clothes, how did…?” I began, he held up his hand to stop me,

“A magician never reveals his secrets,” he winked and offered his hand, this time feeling more confident I took it. A tingle grew from my fingertips and made me feel excited, Zac looked at me again, his face had the equivalent beauty of Oliver’s but a slightly more mischievous look about him. He led me down a hallway, the house was far bigger than I had first imagined, he opened some large French doors and we walked onto a balcony which led down into the gardens. Zac didn’t stop there, he led me down the steps and across the first garden, he then went through a gate in a stone wall. I stopped outside the gate not wanting to go any further but he pulled me through the wooden gate and then we were faced with a beautiful lake. White lily pads gently floated on the sparkling water, a small path led from the gate to the waters edge. Zac led me to a bench and sat down and patted for me to join him. We gazed over the lake and watched the swans and their cygnets playing on the water, the sun reflected off the water making rainbow patterns. Zac seemed just as impressed by the view as I did, as though it was his first time seeing it too,

“Do you not come outside much?” I asked, breaking the peaceful silence,

“I do, but this garden is special…” he drifted off, “It’s called ‘Le Jardin Belle’”

“The beautiful garden,” I translated, Zac nodded,

“I designed it to reflect the personality of my best friend,” he mumbled quietly,

“Who?” I asked smiling playfully,

“She’s called Isabella,” he looked at me deeply and knowingly and suddenly I knew he meant me.

“Me?” I asked, he nodded slowly and then a smile crept over his face,

“I have been dying to show you,” he smiled, “Do you like it?”

“Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it,”

“I named it that; because before that hurtful night, when we were friends I used to call you Belle,” he smiled sadly,

“How well did we know each other?” I asked, he sat back and rested his arm around the back of the bench.

“We were kindred spirits,” he grinned, I smiled back for no reason. “I am sorry about the night… I had no idea that it would happen so soon,” he grimaced,

“You were going to explain about that,” I probed, he nodded.

“I still am, whatever Oliver told you may have been a twisted version of the truth, not a lie, Guardian angels cannot lie, but not the whole picture, I’m just not sure where to start,”

“At the beginning?” I offered, he laughed out loud,

“Good idea!” he smiled. I turned my gaze back out to the lake and prepared to listen.

“Oliver and I used to be best friends, but that was ages ago, you see about 4.54 billion years ago if you had come across us you would have found us inseparable. We got split up when Satan was blown out of heaven, I was one of his angels and I got taken with him, we landed in Hell but a few of us wanted to get back to heaven and the half way line between heaven and hell is…”

“The earth,” I butted in, he nodded and smiled,

“Together we form a group, we were willing to do anything to get back into heaven, but neither Lucifer nor God wanted us, we were outcasts. There were twenty of us; we made a small army hoping to show our loyalty to God by doing good deeds on earth, by the Guardians were sent to destroy us. There was a tough battle and Oliver and I came face to face, we paused for a moment and looked each other in the eye. I wasn’t sure if he was going to strike me or whether our friendship would mean more to him, but he had been ordered to kill all of us. Oliver took me to one side and explained what was happening how he had been sent to kill everyone, but he couldn’t kill me, we were too close. He saved my life that day and I have always been grateful, but God knew that Oliver had spared my life and only He can be merciful so Oliver was also banished to the earth along with his angels. Both Fallen and Guardian angels started to fight again, whoever won would get a place back in heaven and it’s been going on for millions of years.” Zac’s face was hard as he remembered,

“I still do not understand what I have to do with anything,” I said helplessly,

“That Belle is another story, you see as we were fighting some of the angels went away, both Fallen and Guardian together. They decided that being on earth could be a good thing; the reason behind was they were lusting for the mortal women, angels both Fallen and Guardian slept with women, and they became pregnant and birthed children who became famous and mighty warriors of long ago. Then came the great flood,”

“Noah’s ark actually happened?” I asked, Zac nodded as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“The angels could fly and so some of them carried their children above the water and watched as the rest of the human race got wiped out. One of those children survived, there was no food and most starved, but the strong child lived. He was half human half angel,”

“Fallen or Guardian?”

“No one knows, and you Isabella are the last remaining descendant.”

“What about… my parents…surely they are… part of this descent?” I asked slowly,

“They were, but they were killed a long time ago,”

“Who were the people in the hospital?” I asked,

“Your foster parents,” Zac explained, I nodded, I didn’t really care anymore,

“So what happens now?” I asked, he looked at me and smiled,

“The battle is on to find out who you have descended from,”

“Whether I am Fallen or Guardian?” I checked,

“So why are you still fighting?”

“There is still a place in heaven is there not?” he looked up at the sky,

“So what does the scar mean?”

“It sort of symbolises the rip between the two once very close packs of angels, the broken heart on your wrist will become whole again when you find out who your ancestors are. It also shows that you are part of our clan, like a membership card to a club, you’ve been marked by us and that means you are safe with us.” Zac smiled,

“I have to find my ancestors? That’s going to be one long family tree…” I said in dread,

“Oh no.” Zac shook his head, “We aren’t using a family tree,”

“How am I going to find this one out?” I asked,

“That’s for you to figure out.” Zac explained and stroked a wisp of hair from my cheek; it left the same tingling sensation, I smiled and looked at him deeply.

What lay in store was going to be hard, all the angels were being so cryptic and unhelpful, but one thing I knew, soon a group of angels, Fallen or Guardian would be in paradise.

The End

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