The Unavoidable Truth

Chapter Four

Oliver had sat still with his head in his hands for three hours straight, I had watched him and noted that he hadn’t move one inch. I tried talking to him but he seemed in an unbreakable trance, his taut arms were strained and his muscles protruded out. After two and a half hours I had carefully crawled over to him and shaken him after deciding he wasn’t going to budge, I had snuggled up to his shoulder and fallen asleep, so when Ben returned he found Oliver statue-like and me asleep against him.

“Hello, what have we here?” Ben asked waking me; I shifted positions and moved away from Oliver,

“Where have you been?” I asked, he pursed his lips together and ignored my question by asking another,

“Did Oliver find you something to eat?” he asked, I nodded and turned back to Oliver, he was sitting back against the chair, one arm flung casually over the back of the sofa, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

“We may as well tell her everything, now she knows.” Oliver said casually, Ben spun round to face him,

“She knows?!” he hissed,

“She knows we are not human,” Oliver grinned tightly and flashed his eyes to mine, when our eyes met his grin disappeared and a strange look came over his face. His black eyes lost my train of thought and we stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, his perfection was hard to imagine when I wasn’t looking at him, so every time I saw him again I had to catch my breath. He turned back to Ben and shrugged, “Sorry,”

“Does she know you’re her guardi…”

“Nope, but thanks for telling her,” Oliver laughed uneasily,

“You’re my guardian?” I asked, Oliver looked at me and thought, which was strange because surely he knew if he were my guardian or not,

“I guess I am,” Oliver laughed,

“But you’re only like 17,” I estimated,

“My body says 17, my birth certificate reads 4.54 billion,” my mouth dropped and I lost my ability to speak. When I regain the capability Ben and Oliver had began a game of chess,

“The age of the earth,” I muttered aloud,

“Yes, well roughly that’s how old I am, I lose count after several hundred million,”

“How…?” I began unable to end,

“I don’t die, age or change,” he said simply, this left me quiet for a while.

“So why are you my guardian?”

“Do you remember what I said when I took you out of the hospital?” Oliver asked,

“Remind me,”

“I said, ‘you’ve seen too much of my world’. What I meant was, it wasn’t safe for you to remain living such a dangerous lifestyle, so I took you out of that world, theoretically we are still in the world, but to the human race, you’re dead.”

“I’m dead?”

“That’s just what they think, you are very much alive,” Oliver assured me, his perfect lips moving flirtatiously,

“How did you become my guardian?” I asked,

“There is no legal stuff involved, you’re supposedly dead,”

“What about my parents?”

“If you can tell me their names then I will take you back to them this very second,” Oliver challenged, I sat back and thought, I couldn’t even picture their faces very well, only the small glimpse from the hospital.

“Well I can’t,” I snapped after a while, they both nodded sadly,

“You can never miss something that you never had, and to you it seems like you never had parents so you won’t miss them,” Oliver explained,

“I want some fresh air,” I said slowly getting to my feet, Ben touched my shoulder and sent me falling back into the chair,

“Afraid not my friend, it isn’t safe, they are looking for you.”

“Who, the Fallen?” I asked, their expressions changed back to the hostile glare which appeared whenever I mentioned the name, I decided there was something more to this eternal battle than I first thought. Ben nodded and handed me some chocolate,

“Eat this,” he ordered, I smiled and snapped a piece off for myself offering it round, both declined.

“What did Zac say?” Oliver asked, I didn’t know who Zac was but Ben’s face hardened again, he growled slightly at the name and balled his hands into fists; he then peered at me wondering whether to dish or wait until later,

“I’ll find out at some point anyway,” I groaned suppressing the eagerness to know,

“Should we just tell her everything we know?” Oliver offered, Ben shrugged indifferently, “I’m going to,” I sat back; finally I was going to learn what this was all about.

“It started 4.54 billion years ago, the earth was created and so were the lands, seas and all that. God created messengers or angels to watch over the earth and the inhabitants, that was when the battle began, Lucifer the light-bearing angel was thrown out along with his angels. Fallen angels. The rest of us remained smug in heaven but the Fallen angels worked together and formed an army, God sent the Guardian angels down to defeat them and we failed. Some fled back to heaven, but some of us remain to this day, in the battle to end it all.” I swallowed,

“What have I got to do with any of this?” I asked,

“It’s all something to do with your ancestors, it’s very confusing and I’m not going to go into details, but you are the key to victory in this battle. There’s going to be something you’ll have to do, which will decide who wins.”

“What do I have to do?”

“We don’t know,” he said helplessly, his black eyes fed up and sad,

“What does this scar mean?”

“It means they have the upper hand in the battle, they have marked you…” 

The End

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