Immortal Souls

Chapter Three

My eyes snapped open, I was surrounded by darkness and I could not hear anything apart from a faint buzz of the television, suddenly a voice sounded. “We haven’t got long,”

“It’s her choice,”

“What if they come for her? Which they will, soon,”

“We can defend her,”

“You wish, there are more of them than there are of us,” Ben and Oliver were arguing in hushed voice in the corner of the room. I stayed frozen, not daring to breathe, “She’s awake,”

“How do you know?” Ben asked,

“I can sense it… Elle?” Oliver asked coming over, “How much did you hear?” he sounded angry,

“I didn’t understand any of it,” I mumbled, my voice thick with sleep, I sat up and Oliver helped me. I could barely see his face but I could hear his steady breathing, I heard Ben’s footsteps fade and then stop.

“I’m going to take care of something, Oliver you keep her safe,” Ben ordered and I heard the door close. Oliver didn’t move away and I felt his breath on my face, I could sense he was watching me, but I couldn’t see his face, so surely he couldn’t see mine.

“Is he your brother?” I asked,

“Something like that,” Oliver replied, a smile in his voice. His sweet breath washed over me and I sniffed, the scent reminded me of something, flowers I thought. I smiled to myself,

“What are you smiling at?” he asked,

“How do you know I’m smiling?”

“I have good eyesight,” he mumbled. I felt him move away and then strong arms wrapped round me and lifted me up, “It’s good to try and use your muscles, so they don’t wear away,” he said, it felt as if I had never walked before and I stumbled and began to fall, but as fast as lightning hands caught me and I was back on my feet.

“Can’t we turn the lights on?” I asked,

“We don’t want to be found,” he replied, securing his hand around my waist I limped the way he was directing me. The bruising began to hurt and my muscles ached,

“Let’s get some food into you,” he said suddenly as though he’d just remembered, he carefully took my feet from under me and took me through a door. His face was close to mine and his breath still splashed over my face, the kitchen area was lighter and he placed me on the cushioned bench by the windowsill, closing the curtain in one swift motion. He got a bowl and some oats and began to make porridge, his hands moved at speed and became blurry as I watched, I guessed my eyes were tired. A bowl appeared under my face and a sweet aroma filled the air. I smiled and took it, eating at speed, I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten something.

“Not hungry?” I asked Oliver,

“Not really,” he shook his head and smiled to himself as though I was part of some inside joke, I finished the portion and smiled happily and content. I placed the bowl down and prepared to stand up but something stopped me, a steady beat of footsteps sounded in the hallway, Oliver froze his black eyes wide with shock.

“Not now, not now!” he cried rushing to me; he wrapped his arms around me and cradled me in his arms. “Hold on tight,” he whispered, “and don’t look,” he warned. I clutched his tight fitted shirt and obeyed his command. Whatever was happening was bad, I felt a build up of energy as the footsteps got louder, “Any second now,” Oliver said to himself, I squeezed my eyes shut and tensed. Suddenly Oliver relaxed and laughed a throaty laugh, I peeped round his shoulder to see a tall man, very similar to Oliver and Ben. Oliver stood me up and helped me walk to the man; the man had long blond hair and black eyes which contrasted with his pale face, just like Oliver’s.

“Max!” Oliver cried,

“Hello Ollie!” Max replied and patted his shoulder he turned slowly to me and sized me up, “So here she is? The woman behind all our troubled,” I cringed into Oliver,

“My troubles Max, all mine,” Oliver smiled. “What are you doing here?” Oliver asked,

“Just came to see how things were, everything under control?”

“Not really, we know they’re planning something, but Elle can’t remember anything so we’ve got the benefit there,” Oliver explained,

“Is that why you’re not telling me anything?” I asked, Oliver nodded,

“So she doesn’t know anything?” Max checked,

“She knows there’s a battle, she knows what happened that night and she knows she’s been taken,”

“By the Fallen,” I injected, Oliver’s face hardened the same time as Max’s, their expressions mirrored the hostility.

“Where is Ben?”

“He’s out but will be back soon.” Oliver grinned,

“Doing business?” Max guessed,

“What else?” Oliver shrugged and steered us both back into the lounge, I lay down on the sofa and pulled the rug over me, hiding my hideous bruises and hospital dress.

“So how is everyone?”

“Worried, about you, you do know you made a very bad mistake,”

“I had no choice Max, why does no one understand?”

“Well they all send their love, and hope to see you soon,” he smiled calmly,

“They are hoping in vain,” Oliver growled,

“Do you not plan on returning?”

“How can I? If we win, where have we to go?” Oliver asked hopelessly,

“I’d let you back in,” Max offered,

“But He wouldn’t!”

“He does show mercy young Oliver,” Max said,

“If we win, then I shall be happy, Ben and I, we could live as mortals,” Oliver smiled, but Max’s eyes widened. I looked up, Oliver’s happy face changed drastically from happy to shocked, Max’s already portrayed shock, Oliver coughed, “I mean if we win, I’ll be happy…” he trailed off knowing what had been said had been heard by me, my face conveyed confusion.

“You. Are. Immortal?” I asked.

The End

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