Marked by the Fallen

Chapter Two

None of this made sense, but I didn’t care. Had he just carried me off a hospital bed? Had he climbed out a window with me? Had we descended down a tall skyscraper? Perhaps this was all a dream, maybe soon I’d wake up and I’d be back to my old life. The problem was, I didn’t know what my old life was.

I was sure he was running, a gentle jog, I was in his arms but he was holding me so safely I didn’t feel the impact of his movement too much. He didn’t look at me, instead his eyes were fixed on the road ahead I imagine, his breathing was normal even though we’d been on the move for a good half hour and he was carrying a heavy load in his arms. I hadn’t spoken and it felt like I hadn’t blinked or hadn’t even breathed.

“Relax Elle,” he smiled down at me, I breathed out slowly and closed my eyes. “We are almost there,” he explained as a strange lifting sensation filled my body, there was a gentle thud as he seemed to make contact with the floor. He swiftly placed me down on a comfortable couch and he sat at my feet, I lay there and watched him as he inspected me over and wiped the blood which was dripping down my arm. He sat back in the seat and sighed. “That was close.” I opened my mouth and spoke,

“Who are you?” I asked, he turned his head very slowly towards me, his facial features giving nothing away.

“Are you serious?” he asked, surprise coating his warm voice,

“I recognise you but I can’t remember past waking up in hospital,” I explained, my voice sounded strange,

“So you don’t remember the night?” he asked,

“If you know anything, please enlighten me,” I offered, he made a deep groaning sound which made my heart flutter for no apparent reason. His eyes met mine and my stomach twisted, he shook his head slowly.

“I cannot believe this,” he muttered, anger saturating his voice. I cowered into the sofa, I had felt safe with him, but now I wasn’t so sure.

“Sorry,” I mutter so quietly I didn’t even hear, but he heard and shook his head,

“Don’t be,” he smiled but it didn’t reach his eye, “This one’s on me,”

“I’m just sitting here, with a stranger, having woken a few hours ago and not remembering anything,” I began, “If you know anything, which you evidently do, anything to remind me of my past please tell me,”

“So you only remember waking up in hospital?” he checked,

“At the moment, the doctor said my memory could return,”

“So I didn’t rescue you in total vain,” he mutter to himself. I sighed, I was passed confusion, I was bewildered, mystified and perplexed. But I sat there, watching him think things over, I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to act, I was experiencing so many new feelings I didn’t have time to feel one before the next came on. A thud of footsteps sounded and a door squeaked open,

“Hello my friends,” said a deep voice, “You got her then?”

“I needn’t have, she doesn’t remember anything,” the boy at my feet said, the other voice came closer and into my eyesight, he was tall, blond and handsome. He had similar features to the other boy, perhaps they were brothers, he was pale, had black eyes and a muscular build.

“And you are just sitting there leaving her to figure it all out for herself?” he asked, the boy looked up from the sofa.

“I’m just thinking,” he argued. The new man came closer to me, he was evidently older, perhaps 20, whereas the other boy looked 17.

“Isabella,” he whispered my name, it sent tingles down my spine; he crouched down by the sofa and settled himself so he could see me. “This is hard to explain, but I’m going to do my best,” he winked a cheeky wink and ran his hand through his hair. “It’s going to be hard because you can’t remember your past life, you can only recall memories from the hospital?” he checked, I nodded. “Right,” he blew out slowly, “Do you know why you were in hospital?”

“The doctor said I was found in an alley, it was dark and I was covered in cuts and bruises,”

“You still are,” the boy on the sofa noted.

“Well you’ve only got half the picture, your life before that night was normal, the same as everybody else’s on this world,” he began, I nodded pretending to understand. “You lived with your family, went to school and had friends. It all changed when you changed schools and merged with the wrong crowd,” he smiled,

“Wrong crowd? The Fallen’s are a bunch as psycho’s,” the boy spoke up from the sofa.

“Be quite.” He snapped, the boy of the sofa rolled his eyes and went to fetch me a glass of water, “one thing led to another and next thing you were led down a dark alley way…” the man carried on speaking, but something else flashed before my eyes, another noise filled my ears. It was dark, someone was holding my hand, I was being led, I was smiling, I hadn’t noticed the look in his eyes. I was pressed against a wall and soft lips caressed my skin leaving a burning sensation. I had never been this reckless, but the thrill made my heart beat healthily in my chest. His black eyes met mine and he smiled, a white flash of teeth. He spoke, but my heart roared in my ears and I didn’t hear. He took my arm and flipped my wrist to face the sky; a searing pain entered my body. I shrieked, fell, burned, cried, whimpered, lost consciousness.


“I remember it.” I said blankly, I blinked and slowly reality appeared before me as the alley faded.

“Well lucky you were brought here,” the man said, I took the water from the boy,

“Who was he? Who are you? Who am I?”

“One question at a time Elle,” the boy sat on the sofa and smiled slightly. “You and I are haven’t met before.” He trailed off, I blinked,

“How do I recognize you?” I asked, he shrugged,

“I’m Benjamin Archeaven,” said the man on the floor, “Or just Ben.” A name popped into my head,

“Oliver!” I whispered, the boy on the sofa turned,

“How do you…?” confusion prevented him from finishing his sentence,  

“How do I know your name?” I finished, I looked down at my body, and noticed I was wearing a hospital gown with small pictures of green and red smudges all over it. My arms were not their usual colour, instead they were a deep purple with slashes of dried red blood, my legs were the same and I dreaded to see my face. “What actually happened to me that night?” I mumbled. I caught Ben glance at Oliver and shake his head quickly, Oliver turned to me and pain flashed across his face,

“You were taken.” He said quietly, I blinked, “Taken by the Fallen,”


“There’s something you don’t know about us,” Ben began,

“We are in a sort of eternal battle between two crowds and unluckily you were caught in the middle of it,”

“How do you mean, taken?” I asked,

“Look at your left arm and tell me what you see,” I turned my head and looked at the swollen purple limb, on my wrist was a scar, it looked months old. “I see a scar, in the shape of a broken heart…”

“Exactly, but what do you notice about the way…”

“It looks old,” I interrupted, they both nodded solemnly. Then they both looked at each other,

“That night couldn’t have meant…” Ben trailed off thoughtfully,

“So how long ago?” Oliver asked,

“I don’t know and nor will she,” I noted they were talking about me, right in front of me and the annoyed emotion built inside of me. They knew so much more than they were telling me, I had no idea what these Fallen things were, apparently I was taken by one, I had a mysterious scar on my wrist and was covered in purple bruises and cuts with no recollection of receiving them.

“So this scar represents something?” I asked, frustration showing in my voice,

“Yes.” Oliver nodded and stood up; he bent down and picked up a blanket which he threw on me. Oliver started walking towards the door, Ben got up and followed him, the way they moved was different, their feet barely touched the floor and they were so graceful. I sighed, I imagined that I should be missing the hospital bed and my family, but I liked it here, no matter how evasive the boys were being, I felt safer than I had ever felt. They seemed to know what they were doing, even if they didn’t tell me. I looked around the room, there was a large television on the wall and chairs scattered around, a small table stood near the sofa and on it was a paper. I used all my strength and pulled myself up into sitting position. I noticed that even with all the cuts and bruises I wasn’t feeling any pain, I was feeling strangely numb. I picked up the glass which had had my water in it and peered at the dim reflection, I had no recollection of my appearance but as I saw it I remembered. I had long blonde hair, which was usually fashioning curls; I had big blue eyes and rosy cheeks as well as full lips. My nose was the right shape for my face and my eye lashes were long and black, I placed down the glass and pulled the rug over me. As I lay there my eyelids dropped and I fell into a dreamful sleep, none of the images made sense, but they frightened me. Black eyes, tall, pale, muscular, white teeth, smiles, evil, laughter, soft lips, dark curls, running, jumping, flying… Were they wings?

The End

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