Back to the Fall

Oliver's hands carefully closed around mine, engulfing them in his cool palms. He smiled peacefully and then spoke, "Ready?"

I nodded, words had failed me.

Oliver's grip tightened, "Remember I'll be with you every step of the way..." suddenly the large empty room I had been sat in had disappeared and we were travelling as if falling down a big hole. My hair whipped around my face and although I couldn't see Oliver, I could feel his iron grasp around my wrists. My stomach was now in my mouth as we continued to fall from an incomprehensible height; it was that feeling you get when you go on those rides at theme parks. I smiled into the darkness, I couldn't remember going to a theme park but I could recall the feeling the rides gave me.

Oliver's grip loosened and then disappeared altogether and nothing was keeping me from spinning in the air, my head went under my feet in the blackness and I began to fall head-first. I screamed for the first time but my voice seemed so quiet compared to the rush of air over my ears, I tried to get back upright and finally managed.

Enough time had now passed for me to realise that I had been falling for a long time, and I began to wonder how long I would fall. It hadn't felt anything like this when I'd gone back to watch my being taken, perhaps because it was such a long time ago. I nodded to myself in the pitch black, ‘yes that's it, I'm falling back through time and space.' I tipped my head forward to see if I could see an ending to this time continuum, I thought I'd vaguely seen a light but suddenly I was falling head-first again. I put my arms out in front of me as the ground zoomed closer, I was going to die. I was going to die. I was going to die.


"Lucifer this is all your fault!" came a voice, I rolled over and sat up, a bright light hit my face and I shaded my eyes from it. I stood up and looked towards where the voices were coming from; Zac was glaring at a man with deep red hair and red eyes to match. They glanced over to me and the red head scowled,

"How many of your lowbred angels fell too?" he asked Zac, Zac peered back at me and breathed out through his nose,

"I've never seen that one before, but that's beside the point; how could you be so selfish?!" Zac cried, I didn't say anything but crept forward slowly towards the two angels. They were about ten metres away,

"I didn't know he'd actually banish me, I'm sorry Zac, but what's done is done and we've got to make do with this earth,"

"No," Zac spat, "you're not worthy of this earth or anything else. You belong in the pits of Hell!"

"But we're here on Earth aren't we Zac? You're going to have to learn to live with it," Zac clenched his teeth and balled his fists,

"Go to Hell!" he cried and slammed a fist into Lucifer's chest, he fell to the ground and rolled over groaning, suddenly he body began to vibrate and he began to shrink. I stared, my mouth wide open, as he rolled over again and his eyes widened and then turned into small black slits. His body stretched out and became a lot thinner; he had just turned into a snake. I gasped at the snake-like thing, it wasn't convincingly a snake due to the fact it had many small legs. The snake-thing crawled off through the grass. My eyes followed its tail until it had disappeared into the grass, and then looked at Zac; he dusted off his hands and then smiled at me.

"Hi," he nodded towards me and then walked off, through the high grass towards the sound of a river. I remained standing and staring at the place in the grass he'd disappeared. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing or where I should go, so I decided to follow the path Zac had taken.

The scenery was beautiful, as I made my way to the edge of the grass field a flowing river of blue cascaded down towards a cliff edge. I couldn't see where Zac had gone but I was interested in seeing the waterfall, I walked along the riverbed to the cliff edge and looked down to see a 100m waterfall,

"Wow," I said aloud. Right at the bottom was a plunge pool which had a family of lions around it; in the distance were a pack of zebras and giraffes. Where was I? I turned back and tried to find a way to cross the river, no humans populated the earth yet and so no bridges were made - angels could fly. I peered into the sky and saw a beautiful silhouette against the sun, shading my eyes I could make out who it was,

"Cam!" I called, "CAM!" the boy's eye tracked me down and he headed towards me, I couldn't help but stare at his wings. I had never been able to see the angels' wings back in 2011, but now I could see them, I became breathless. His wings were far larger than I had imagined, almost three-times his size. They were a deep blue-grey colour and looked as soft as feathers but as sturdy as steel. He came closer and I could see the detail in the wings, they had small sparkles of jewels embedded in the wings. As Cam landed his wings folded in tightly against his back and he smiled down at me,

"Who are you?" he asked, "You're not from heaven, I would know," Cam stepped closer to inspect my facial features, "I don't recognise you, who are you?" he repeated, I was lost for words, what should I tell him?

Lie - tell him you're an angel

Came a thought, too strong to be my own. "I am an angel,"

"Which side do you belong to?" Cam asked stepping back a little,

"Neither side," I spoke, Cam didn't seem to understand, "I am an overseer," Cam nodded pretending to understand, I knew him too well to know he didn't. Another way angels could lie. "Have you seen Jack?" I asked, Cam's eyes narrowed,

"What would I have to do with him?"

"I thought you were friends," I said surprised,

"No, never!" Cam seemed repulsed by the thought,

"Why not?" I couldn't help myself asking,

"He's a killer," Cam said simply before turning and walking away, I ran after him and took his arm,

"Could you help me out?" I asked, Cam's eyebrows mashed together and I smiled sweetly.

"With what?" he asked,

"I've had my wings...restricted," I lied, could wings be restricted? "Could you take me to the rest of you?" I asked,

"I would if I knew where the rest of them were, we were thrown out on every part of the earth we're trying to regroup. You may as well join me, want to dual fly?"

"...Sure," I said hesitantly, what was dual flying? Cam wrapped his arms around my ribs and his wings unfolded over my head, I could tell because a giant shadow was cast on the floor. As we took off Cam's legs wrapped around mine and he carried me as if I were a cocoon. The speed at which he flew surprised me, we sped across the African plains and soon we were crossing the ocean.

"Where are we going?" I called over the roar of his wings,

"I'm just looking for Zac,"

"I saw him back there..."

"He moves fast," Cam replied, it didn't take him long to see someone and he flew down towards the angel who was sat on a rock gazing out to the sea. Cam placed me down and walked ahead to greet the angel. The angel looked up from his rock and barely seemed to notice us, instead he gazed back out to sea,

"Ah Cam, this is a nice surprise," Oliver said smiling to himself,

"Oliver..." he trailed off, "What are you doing here?" Oliver looked up at Cam advancing and quickly glanced at me,

"It's nice to see you Cam," he smiled "where is Zac?"

"I thought you'd know that," Cam said confused "what are you doing here?" he repeated,

"I was sent," Oliver said quietly,

"Sent by who?"


"Sent to do what?" Cam asked,

"To destroy you." 

The End

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