Deeper Understandings

I swallowed,

"When will I need to decide?" I asked,

"That will be clear enough: when the time comes, you'll know,"

"Anything else I need to know?" I questioned,

"Nope, let's just take it as it comes,"

"Brief me one more time," I said, smiling to win him over; "what's going to happen ?"

"I'm sending you back to when the ‘eternal battle' began, so you can end it before it becomes eternal. It will prevent the loss of human life, and it'll determine the fate of us angels a lot sooner. It will be like a dream for you, and despite the fact you won't be able to see me, you'll know I'm there. You'll see me fighting the Fallen, but I won't know who you are, because I didn't back then. Don't expect anyone to know you, and anticipate everything, we won't know you're human because at that time humans didn't exist. Lie if you must, none of us will know because lying hasn't been invented. Don't draw attention to yourself and when you have to choose, choose wisely,"

"And if I choose the Guardians, you'll be stuck on earth anyway?" I asked. Oliver shook his head slowly,

"I wouldn't have committed any sins yet, so I'll be able to go back to heaven,"

I swallowed,

"That means I won't exist, doesn't it?"

Oliver's face crumpled,

"You know then?" he asked,

"Know what?"

"If you choose the Guardians you'll never have existed because you're a Guardian Nephilim,"

"What's a Nephilim?"

"Part human part angel, your father was an angel," Oliver explained,

"Angels live forever, so my father is still alive?" I asked, Oliver looked deep into my eyes. Suddenly something Oliver said a while back floated into my mine. ‘I used to be your Guardian Angel, I couldn't kill you. I love you,' I gasped as the realisation hit me, "You're my father?" I asked, Oliver smiled slightly,

"No," he laughed again, "I'm your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great..."

"I get it," I snapped,

"Grandfather," Oliver finished, "with a couple more greats," he grinned, "that's why I love you. We're related, we're family, you share my blood," I didn't smile back,

"And so as soon as you send me back, back to choose, I'll suddenly disappear as if I never existed?"

"You were never meant to exist," Oliver said calmly,

"Why not just kill me?!" I snapped, "Wouldn't that have been easier?!"

"No, not at all," Oliver looked deep into my eyes, "you're the key to eternal peace,"

"Amongst angels," I muttered,

"For the world," Oliver said,


"Angels play a bigger part in human society than people would think, many wars, famines, diseases are created by angels,"

"What? Who are these angels?" I demanded,

"They're a different sort, the kind that stayed with Lucifer in Hell,"

"But what if I choose to save the Fallen?" I asked,

"I was hoping you wouldn't; if you do, you'll stay alive,"

"So one choice and I die, another and I live? Hmm tough one that," I narrowed my eyes,

"There are more consequences," he told me, "If you choose the Fallen, Heaven won't be the same,"

"Who cares?!"

"Who cares? Who cares?" Oliver cried, "Every loving, kind, Christian person will care. Everyone out there who has a hope, a faith in something greater, something mightier, something real; you can't take that away from someone Isabella."

"What are you on about?" I asked,

"You'll destroy Christianity, something far worse than a life which should never have come into being,"

"Why is it so important? It's just a religion,"

"How can you say that?" Oliver murmured, "Every good thing will be destroyed,"

"Bad things happen to good people anyway," I muttered,

"You're talking about yourself now aren't you?" Oliver asked, "You were innocent, but your parents were slaughtered, you were abused, almost killed. But you weren't innocent; your whole life was living proof of a sin,"

"That's not my fault is it?" I snapped,

"You're right, it's not. It's mine," Oliver sank down onto a chair, "and you're the one paying for it, I understand that. But everyone has one big mistake which they'd pay the world to go back and reverse,"

"I don't," I muttered, "and not everyone is willing to sacrifice a life, just so theirs is clean. Not everyone would kill off something innocent, to take away the sins of someone else,"

"But God did," Oliver whispered, "He sent Jesus, a perfectly innocent, kind, loving man, to die for all sinners. So that the sinners could have eternal life,"

"What's so great about eternal life anyway?" I asked,

"It gives people a meaning, a reason for being. Some people go through their lives believing in nothing, and what does that mean? It means their lives mean nothing, they are without a purpose, they're pretty much dead. Eternal life, it gives people something to live for and look forward to. What's the point to a life if they are living for themselves? Someone could do all the good things in the world, but not have eternal life because they weren't a Christian,"

"And that's why Christianity is important?"

"If there's no Christianity, there's no reason to live."

"And no reason for God to create life,"

"Exactly," Oliver nodded, "And sometimes you have to sacrifice something innocent, to gain a greater good for the rest of mankind, for eternity,"

"So I should sacrifice my life, to enable the lives of others to be fulfilled and worth something," I nodded slowly understanding, "but some people ignore the truth, some commit sins and do not care,"

"I know; that's just the way things are. That's Lucifer,"

"You have to promise me then Oliver, that when I'm gone, you have to make sure as many people as possible understand how important it is!"

"I will, I promise;" Oliver smiled, "are you ready to go?"

I swallowed.


The End

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