Bewildering Explanations

I woke up groggy after the bad night's sleep I'd had, I was on a camping bed in the middle of a big room. Oliver was standing above me and was staring out the window, I sat up and Oliver turned to look at me,

"Morning," he said gruffly, I was taken aback, Oliver was always smiling and happy,

"What's wrong?" I asked, Oliver sat on the end of the bed and crossed his legs. My heart began to beat faster as Oliver built up the suspense, a tear rolled over the edge of his eyelid and his face crumpled. I crawled over to him and put my arm around his shoulder, I had never noticed quite how big he was, my arm didn't even reach right round his shoulder. I retracted my arm and took his hand instead; I traced my fingers over his palm and waited for him to start talking. His hand was a lot bigger than mine, and it was pale and white, his fingers weren't stubby but they weren't weedy either, they were... well perfect. I rested my head on Oliver's shoulder and waited, I didn't know how long I sat there waiting for Oliver to say something but he at last spoke.

"I can't lie Isabella," he whispered, he took my hand now and looked down at me, "But I have deceived you." I didn't move as he continued what he was saying, "I shouldn't have," he cried, I didn't know how to react, should I be angry? Should I act nonchalant?

"What did you do?" I asked, Oliver sighed,

"I told you something, a while back..." he drifted off into another reverie,

"Why can't you lie?" I suddenly asked, Oliver glanced at me,

"I was created without the ability,"

"How many angels can't lie?" I asked,

"Most of them, Lucifer can and so can Jack,"

"So Zac can't?" I asked,

"Did he make you believe he could lie? How could he do that?!" Oliver asked in disbelief,

"No, he said this to me a while ago," I put on my best Zac impression, "‘Whatever Oliver told you may have been a twisted version of the truth, not a lie, Guardian angels cannot lie, but not the whole picture,'" I repeated, Oliver smiled,

"Sounds like he twisted the truth too, Guardian angels cannot lie, but neither can the Fallen," Oliver smiled briefly,

"What's Jack, why can he lie?" I questioned,

"He's the angel of death, he's different,"

"Who does he work for?" I asked,

"God," Oliver said plainly,

"Why don't you trust him?" I asked, Oliver paused for a moment and then sighed,

"Because he can lie, and lie well..."

"I see," I whispered, "What did you do to deceive me?"

"I never told you the whole story, I allowed you to stay in the dark. But I'm going to tell you. Well I'm going to show you..."

"Show me?"

"You know my power?" Oliver asked,

"You can see into the future?" I said hesitantly,

"Yes, but I am also like Cam, I can show the past, I think he showed you the night you were marked?" I nodded slowly, shivering at the memory, "Both our powers enable us to show others the past, I've never really used it, but it's a perfect time to show you now,"

"What are you going to show me?" I asked,

"What happened, 4.54 billion years ago." He took my hand slowly and spread out my fingers, "I'll be with you most of the time, but you won't be able to see me. This experience won't be quite the same as Cam's, because you won't just be watching. People will be able to see you and you'll be able to interact with them, but don't do anything too radical, you'll be able to change the future..." Oliver raised his eyebrows, "Do you understand?"

"No," I said, I knew he was trying to say something subtly, "please say it bluntly," I begged,

"Isabella, when I take you back you'll be able to change the future by what you do and what you say, you'll be able to affect the world, the future, the existence of angels and humans, whether it be a small thing or a large thing,"

"What do you want me to do?" I asked,

"You'll be able to make a choice; you'll have to choose who wins,"

"I'm so confused," I cried, my heart was beginning to quicken, Oliver sighed,

"You shouldn't be alive, you should have been wiped out when you were born, but I made you invisible to the eyes of those trying to kill you." I nodded, "I had to keep you invisible, not just to spare your life but so you could come to the age when you could make a good decision, the age you are now." Oliver paused to let me soak it in, "Now you're old enough I am going to take you back, back to when this war started. You can change the future Isabella; you're one of the only people to be able to do so."

"Could I have changed what happened the night I was marked by the Fallen?" I asked,

"You couldn't be seen when Cam took you back into the past, and that was because he didn't let you, because you could have changed what happened, you could have let yourself escape your fate. But you won't be able to change the inevitability of what happened 4.54 billion years ago. You'll be there; you'll be taken back to the time when the angels fell out of heaven. Isabella, you need to stop this war before it becomes the eternal battle it is now. You'll have to make a choice, one choice which will change the fate of your life and our lives. You can't hide Isabella, this choice is inevitable."

The End

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