Oliver's Interrogation

"You got her!" Oliver enthused stepping forward; he pulled me into his arms and kissed my forehead,

"Oliver - I'm not happy with you!" I told him, he pulled me back and had a look at my face,

"Sorry," he pulled an angelic apologizing face, I rolled my eyes,

"Take me back," I commanded,

"I'm not that sorry!" he laughed,

"I thought you had nothing to do with this!" I scolded, Oliver's eyes widened and he took a seat and offered me one, I sat down.

"I didn't Elle, I promise you I knew nothing, but then as they all came," he pointed at the seven other angels, "Jack took you away Elle, I can't have you somewhere I don't know. It kills me just to think about you, especially because you were getting so cosy with the Fallen - I thought you wouldn't forgive them." Oliver paused, "So I controlled your body, by doing that I could see where you were, I immediately sent these guys to get you. Being alone with Jack isn't good,"

"So you thought you'd just leave him for dead?" I snapped,

"What?!" Oliver asked,

"They tore his wings off and left him there!" I cried,

"He is a big threat," Ben stepped forward, "we took care of him," Oliver shook his head sadly,

"Never result to violence without asking me first,"

"Yes master, sorry," Ben bowed quickly,

"Master?" I asked,

"We've assigned ourselves positions, the Fallen have an order and it seems to work well,"

"So you're the top of the hierarchy now?" I asked Oliver, he nodded and smiled,

"Anyway, now you're here," he smiled again,

"Why was it not safe to stay alone with Jack?" I asked leaning forward; Oliver's lips went to my ear,

"He cannot be trusted," he told me quietly, "we don't trust him, Zac and Cam don't trust him. You trust him, but I don't know why," I sat back,

"Because he's truthful, knows a lot and can empathize with me!" I retorted, "He's perfectly safe!" I added,

"Your judgement isn't always right, think about it Elle, you dated Zac!" I narrowed my eyes,

"In a life which I cannot remember, hey, how did you know that?" I asked,

"I'm your guardian angel, I was with you 24/7," I sighed,

"Then why didn't you help me?!" I cried as a tear slid down my cheek, "Why did you leave me in the street? Why did you let my stepfather do what he did?"

"I didn't have all that much power Elle, I was weak then,"

"Where had your power gone?" I asked,

"I was using it to keep you invisible from the Fallen,"

"Great job you did! I dated Zac for a while..." Oliver sighed with frustration as he remembered,

"Zac didn't know you were anything special,"

"Until when?" I asked,

"Until the party, he left you - remember? He left you on the dance floor and Cam spoke to him, Cam explained you were an ancestor and the Fallen acted quickly. Zac called the police himself to give him an excuse to lead you out into the alley; he also hoped you'd be found by them. He needed to act quickly, and I'll give it to him, he did well..." Oliver trailed off in thought,

"Why did you make me visible?" I asked, "Why did that have to happen?" I began to cry again, Oliver wiped away one of my tears,

"I was being interrogated,"

"By who?" I asked,

"By an angel called Harry," Oliver said,

"I've heard that name before..." I said slowly, "How do I know it?"

"He's one of the Fallen, but he's hard to track. He rarely turns up, but he's one of the strongest angels on the planet. He mingles with humans most of the time, his power is humanity,"

"How is that a power?" I scoffed,

"He can tell how humans are feeling, he can empathize and this makes him very popular with the humans. They perplex him, so he spends most of his time with them. He came across your stepfather, who confessed all to him, Harry's skill allowed him to realise you had a guardian angel. He hunted down the Guardians and found me; he then interrogated me, asking why I had let this happen. My mind was momentarily distracted, and Cam suddenly realised who you were. Zac found it hard to believe but Cam convinced him, and moments later you belonged to them."

"That is crazy," I said shaking my head, "How did he interrogate you?"

"Interrogation in human terms is far less brutal, if he were merely talking to me, I'd have kept concentration. He took me down there..." Oliver pointed at the floor, "I'd rather not think about it," he whispered, I suddenly felt very sorry for Oliver; I placed my hand on his shoulder and rubbed it gently. Oliver forced a smile,

"I'm sorry," I said,

"I deserved it, plus I got a souvenir," Oliver pulled up his long sleeve, I hadn't noticed but he always wore a long sleeved T-shirts or jumpers. On his forearm was a long thin scar which went right up his arm, he then lifted up his shirt and sure enough the scar continued along his chest. "They took out my heart," Oliver whispered, "they removed my soul, even if the Guardians win the war, I'll be staying here." 

The End

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