You Can't Run Forever...

After Jack had forced me to eat the...rat, I began to feel better after my long day. Jack let me roam round the room, while he sat on the sofa reading the paper. I paced the room up and down waiting for him to stop ignoring me and tell me what was happening.

"I was wondering, Jack, if we could go back soon?" I stood by the fireplace, "why aren't you talking to me? JACK!" Jack looked up slowly and smiled,

"Yes?" he asked innocently, I threw a nearby ornament at him out of anger. It smashed on his forehead and some blood trickled slowly down his cheek, he hadn't even flinched. "What's got into you?" he asked wiping the blood away and standing up, his eyes suddenly widened and he gasped.

"What?!" I asked folding my arms, I began to tremble and I wasn't sure why.  My knees knocked together forcefully and I tumbled to the ground, I didn't know what was happening. Jack had come to my side,

"They're controlling you Elle!" he cried, it wasn't loud but he seemed to know that there was a roaring in my ears. "Fight it!" he called, his voice seemed fainter and fainter. I squeezed my eyes tight shut and concentrated on controlling the shaking; my lips stopped trembling first and then my body. Finally I lay in a limp pile with a thin sheen of sweat on my forehead,

"What just happened?" I asked breathless,

"The Guardians, they're trying to take control of your body. Like we did at first, but they managed it, and from far off too. It means there are no limits in distance, and now they've controlled you, they know where you are... and now they know where you are, they'll be coming!" Jack pulled me up fast and began to collect my belongings, I watched him,

"Can I make myself helpful?" I asked,

"No, you're too slow," Jack replied quickly, I shrugged to myself and stood there feeling washed-out, like after you've been sick and are still recovering. Jack suddenly grabbed my arm and I was flying through the air, out the window into the cold early morning air. I closed my eyes as the countryside flew underneath me, Jack's tight arms cradled me into a safer position and so I was able to relax. Suddenly my muscles tightened again, and I began to tremble as another body tried to enter my mind. Jack felt my muscles go into spasm and headed towards the ground, he lay me down and spoke to me.

"It's no use Isabella; this is going to be a continuous pattern. We're going to move, they're going to find out where and then come. I can't do this anymore, I'm going to call Zac," he pulled out a phone and dialled a number, moments later he was having an angel-fast conversation with Zac. He came back to me and sat on the damp grass, "Zac says stay here, he's coming with the rest," Jack explained,

"Is this it then?" I asked slowly, "The battle to end all battles?"

"I think it will be, we just have to work on how to keep you safe," I stood up,

"I want to help. I'm part angel - what can I do?" I asked, Jack laughed and got up too,

"Stay away and don't do anything," he replied, I sighed,

"What if the Guardians get here before the Fallen?" I asked,

"That's a very good question, what will happen if we get here first?" asked a voice which wasn't Jack's, I spun round to see a group of seven angels. Blond hair, black eyes and pale faces - easily recognisable after spending weeks with them - they looked focused. Jack came in front of me,

"Guys, wait," he said,

"Why would we do that?" Ben asked pushing Jack away, "Get out my way; you're not even a fighter," Ben grabbed my arm and grinned, "I'm not going to kill you," he added, "we're just going to take you back,"

"Get off me!" I cried hitting at Ben's stone arm, "I want to stay with Jack!" I screamed, Jack was being held down by two Guardians. Ben took my collar - I had changed from my dress into a hoodie and jeans - and pulled me backwards. I fell to the ground and lay there, hoping nobody would hurt me.

"NOOOOOOOO!" came Jack's cry, I opened my eyes to see a pair of wings in tatters, Jack's shirt was torn and he had blood dripping down his back. They had torn his wings off. Someone grabbed my waist and floated into the air, soon distance was increasing from where Jack was lying, I reached out to him but he soon became a small spec on the vast expanse of the English countryside. They had left him there to die, all part of their plan I guessed.


The End

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