"Would you like to dance?" an Italian accent floated through my daydream and awoke me,

"Me?" I checked, standing up fluidly,

"Yes," he replied, his accent strong,

"I can't dance,"

"How do you know? You haven't tried yet," he held out his hand elegantly and smiled a dashing smile, I very much wanted to step onto the dance floor and attempt the beauty - knowing me, I'd just fall over and get trampled on.

"I'm going to grab some food," I made my hasty getaway, angels didn't understand food. I went into the kitchen and pulled out one of the many snacks Zac had got Cam to buy in, they didn't know what I liked - I didn't know what I liked - so there was a vast choice. After munching on something which tasted like waffle but looked like biscuit, I snuck back into the hall and hid from the dancing. Suddenly the music stopped, and the whole hall went quiet, there was a quiet murmur and then someone spoke,

"We've got company..." I looked over at the voice, it was Mia the woman from before and Oliver was standing at her side. She pointed at Oliver, I gasped and stood up.

"I invited him!" Zac replied quietly, but I could still hear,

"More are coming," replied Mia, "More of him!" panic started up and my heart beat increased with it. I rushed across the busy room towards where I'd last seen Oliver; he was pinned up against the grand staircase's rail and was being shouted at by Zac,

"Why did you bring them here?" he yelled, "They are not welcome, you are not welcome!" Zac shoved Oliver over the banister and he crashed down the few stairs back onto the floor, Oliver got up unscathed and narrowed his eyes.

"I didn't bring them here! Ben promised he wouldn't tell anyone!"

"You trust Ben? The man trying to end her life!" Suddenly all eyes were on me, Zac's arm reached out and pulled me closer, "Isabella, listen to me," he said under his breath, "go with Jack, and get out of here!"

"What, why?" I stuttered, Zac didn't answer as someone called out,

"They're coming!" Zac lifted me up by my dress and threw me into the air, as if I were a mere ball. I screamed as I flew backwards above the crowd, arms secured around me and floated me upstairs. Jack put me down and looked at me closely,

"Ready?" he asked handing me a bag containing goodness knows what,

"Where are we going? What's happening? I demand you tell me!" I asked beginning to shake, all of this had happened so fast, in only a matter of seconds.

"You're not going to cooperate are you?" Jack said exasperated, I shook my head stubbornly, "Very well," he lifted my arm and sunk his teeth into my scar, its dull red turned crimson in a matter of seconds and my head began to sway. "I'll explain it all when we........" he began but I was out for the count.


When I came back to consciousness I was drowsy and had no idea what was happening. We were inside - I was sure of that because I could see a high ceiling with seraphs - the human interpretation - painted on it. Jack was buzzing around the room, picking up items of clothing and tidying away,

"What happened?" I asked trying to sit up; Jack sped over to me - in his angel like ways - and pushed me back down again,

"Don't move," he commanded,

"Why?" I asked, Jack smiled,

"Because you shouldn't, now let me explain the first question," I made sure I was comfy and then nodded. "Do you remember the dance?" I nodded, "Do you remember the big panic?" I nodded, "Good," he smiled, "Anyway, Zac thought Oliver had tipped off the Guardians and they were coming. Most of us knew it wasn't Oliver, because it was Oliver that warned us,"


"He can see the future; that's his power. Anyway, they were coming to get you Isabella, so Zac commanded me to take you, and here we are," he looked at his watch, "five hours later,"

"Why can't I get up?"

"Because I put you under,"

"Under what?"

"I knocked you out Elle, you weren't being cooperative, but you're here now and that's all that matters," Jack got up and busied himself in another job of cooking something over the fireplace. "Now I'm no cook, but this smells great!" Jack brought out a metal pole; on the end was some kind of animal which had been cooked. He sniffed it again, "but not good enough that I'm going to take a bite, besides I cooked it for you," he handed me the skewer and smiled proudly, it was obviously the first thing he'd cooked. "You can sit up," he allowed, I rolled my eyes and edged myself up, I took the metal skewer and sniffed the animal,

"What is it?" I asked, it was a small rodent-like creature with a long rubbery tail - looking vaguely like a rat,

"I found it scuttling around the room, and I caught it!"

"Of course you caught it, you're lightning fast! But what is it?"

"It's a rat, but just eat it!" Jack commanded strongly,

"I don't want to eat a rat!" I squealed, Jack sighed,

"Eat it." He said through his teeth,


"Eat it,"


The End

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