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I trailed around after Oliver for a while, listening to him introducing me,

"Elle this is Nicolo," Oliver said, I looked up and almost gasped, a twenty-ish year-old man stood in front of me, he was the most divinely beautiful of all of the angels I had come across. I blushed as I shook his hand, it was stone cold,

"Hello," he sang musically,

"Hi," I said my voice sounding like fingers on a chalkboard in comparison, Nicolo disappeared into the crowd and my eyes followed his shoulders. He stood out above the rest of them as he was about 6ft8 tall,

"What kinda of angel is he?" I asked in awe,

"He's a Cherubim," Oliver whispered, "Very high up, still lives in heaven," he added,

"A what?"


"What a fat, naked, flying child?" I spat almost laughing,

"Does he look like a fat, naked child to you?" Oliver asked, "That portrayal of Cherubs is predominantly human art," Oliver replied a smile playing on his lips,

"And what are you?" I asked,

"What about me?" Oliver replied steering me towards another group of angels,

"What type of angel are you?"

"A Seraphim," he replied, "But amongst the Seraphs, I am a guardian angel," he added,

"How many divisions are in each category?" I asked,

"Can we not go into this now?" Oliver asked, "Hello!" he raised his voice as he greeted the group of angels,

"Good evening Isabella," smiled the first woman angel I had come across, I smiled back,

"Good evening,"

"You are the famous Isabella; may I be so rude as to see your scar?" said a man, my face mashed,

"My scar?" I asked, he grinned,

"Do you mind?" he checked,

"No... I guess not," I said hesitantly, I flipped up my wrist and showed the group the broken heart, a bubble of excitement filled the room and a few more joined to take a peek. Some stared at it, others touched it, some even kissed it. Oliver laughed randomly and then took my hand away,

"Come Isabella," he said,

"Do we know you?" the woman angel asked, Oliver smiled and dropped my arm, leaving me feeling very exposed. Oliver stepped forward and whispered something in her ear; she gasped and nodded in understanding. "Very well," she replied sharply, Oliver raised his eyebrows and stepped towards me,

"This is Mia," he said pointing at the woman, I was still confused but smiled again,

"What kinda of angel are you?" I asked, she looked surprised and slightly annoyed,

"I'm a seraph," she said bluntly, Oliver steered me away and looked into my eyes,

"You can't ask them what type of angel they are, it's like asking a woman how old she is, it's inappropriate and you can sort of guess anyway," I pulled a face,


"I'm going to go and mingle, you can go and find Zac, Cam or Jack," he told me, "I haven't seen some of these Fallen angels for billions of years! It's almost as if some are forgetting me!"

"We can't have that!" I mimicked shock,

"Go, you rascal..." I couldn't reply as he floated away, I sighed and stood where I was watching the angels talking,

"Would you like to help me?" asked that soft beautiful voice, I turned and actually gasped aloud this time,

"Help?" I asked, not trusting my voice enough to say more,

"With the music," he sang. Nicolo had deep green eyes, the colour of jade, unlike the black eyes of the rest of the angels; he had bronzy-gold hair which was swept messily over his forehead. His skin was perfect and held no imperfections; his face was perfectly beautiful and took my breath away. I nodded and followed him to the corner of the room; he picked out a harp and sat it out by a stool. I watched transfixed as he sat by it and struck quietly at a few strings, "Does this sound okay to you?" he asked, a gentle smile constantly on his face, he began to play a beautiful song which made me feel sleepy and light-hearted,

"It sounds..." words failed me; Nicolo stopped playing and smiled,

"Thank you," he replied before I could pick a word, he began to play the harp loudly so that everyone could hear- not just me. I smiled and stepped away, Zac caught my arm and smiled encouragingly,

"Having fun?" he asked me, his red lips pulled up over his white teeth,

"Yes," I replied simply, Zac pushed a curl from his eye and nodded,

"Good!" he enthused before disappearing again. I watched as angels began to dance, not with each other or in a disco-sense, but their movements mirrored the other side of the room's. They folded in and out of each other and moved so fluidly that it looked almost imaginary; I sat on the grand staircase and watched. The music making me happy and the dancing making me dizzy.

The End

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