Having a Ball

I awoke late that morning on my own accord, no angel shaking me awake, I rolled out of bed and got dressed in sweats and a vest top. I lazily strolled out the door, picked up a book from the bookcase in the hallway - ‘How to Waltz - and went down the grand staircase into the hall my nose buried in it. I looked up on the last step to see a group of six angels watching me warily on the other side of the hall. I froze in my tracks and let the book slam shut in my face, my eyes widened as I took in their beauty and then the blush took over as I realised I had no idea what I looked like. I waved quickly and smiled impishly before turning round and pacing up the stairs back into the comfort of my own room, moments later there was a knock on the door and Cam walked in.

"Sorry, I forgot to warn you that some of our long distance friends are coming early," he grinned,

"Long distance?" I asked hesitantly,

"Heaven and Hell," he replied quietly, "Anyway, I've come to bring some breakfast as the dinning room is being used as a wing decorating session," I raised an eyebrow as I took the porridge,

"I want to see your wings!" I begged, Cam smiled,

"Nope," he smiled crookedly and headed out; I sat down with my breakfast and ate it all. Leaving the tray to be collected I revised my wardrobe options and checked my appearance in the mirror. I groaned aloud at the mess, my hair stood on end and my makeup was smudged around my eyes. I washed my face vigorously and pulled a brush through the tangled mess,

"Nice," said a voice, I saw the smiling face in the mirror and froze, "You look nice," I smiled and turned around slowly,

"Thanks - but before I say anything else, are you here to kill me?" I checked, Oliver smiled and shook his head,

"Like I said before, I could never kill you," I held the brush up,

"Well just to warn you, if you decide to do so... I have a weapon," Oliver laughed at the hairbrush in my hand,

"I'd actually like to see you try," I narrowed my eyes and pushed away from the sink walking past Oliver out the bathroom, I spun round and then put my free hand on my hip.

"Why are you here? I may not be able to kill you but Zac or Cam certainly would..."

"Jack invited me," Oliver smiled, "I'm an official guest,"

"And Ben?" I asked,

"He's out to kill you, they're not going to invite him," I smiled and then stopped as I was reminded he wanted to kill me. I sighed and threw the hairbrush down, as I did so Oliver floated forward and pulled me into an unexpected hug, the angels usually never touched me, and so this took my breath away. Oliver stepped back and smiled,

"Sorry, I just miss you," I smiled,

"I miss you too," I admitted,

"Then come back... come home," Oliver begged taking my hand,

"This is my home," I replied,

"Don't be daft!" Oliver spat, "You don't belong with the Fallen,"

"Then why am I with them?" I demanded,

"Because of this..." Oliver flipped my wrist around and revealed the scar, I looked at it again, it didn't look like a scar anymore, instead a red tattoo which was perfectly formed. I pulled my sleeve over it,

"I can't remove it, I've tried scrubbing,"

"I'm sure you have, the way you scrubbed your face..." I slapped his hand away,

"I walked into a group of holy angels looking as if I hadn't seen a mirror in years!" Oliver laughed,

"I love you Elle," I looked at him,

"You what?" I asked,

"I said it before, I'll say it again, I don't care what punishment comes to me. I love you,"

"Oliver that's hardly appropriate!" I snapped,

"You sound like..."

"Like who?" I asked once Oliver had dried up,

"Never mind..." Oliver said slowly,

"Oliver!" I growled, he smiled and began to walk away,

"Hey I'll see you tonight!" he nodded his head and then disappeared out the door. I sank onto the bed and fell back onto it; this was going to be one long night.


I finished curling my hair and applying my mascara, I slipped into the red dress which had magically appeared on the back of the door at 3pm that afternoon. It fitted perfectly - naturally. I slid on the high heeled shoes and took a look in the floor length mirror which was usually covered up by a stately painting of an old king. I smiled and felt presentable; I sat on my bed and waited as Zac had commanded me to do so. I was being presented to the Fallen, I had to be last to arrive. I could hear a buzz of chatter coming from downstairs, but I was perfectly happy waiting, in fact I preferred it, I decided I hated attention. Suddenly the door opened and Zac walked in smiling, he appraised me and smiled,

"Beautiful," he grinned, I smiled back and stood up, "Now when I knew you before, I remember you hated attention," I nodded in agreement, "So I thought I'd accompany you downstairs,"

"Thanks," I said hoisting up my dress and walking over to him, I still wasn't taller than Zac's 6ft5, but I was 5 inches closer. Zac linked my arm and we headed to the grand staircase.

"I present to you, the last remaining descendant of Angel-Human relationships, Isabella Archeaven!" boomed a voice from nowhere. Zac pulled me into view and I gasped, I had only expected 10 people at the most, but below were countless amounts of angels. My eyes widened, they all seemed to give off a bright white aura, I regained my thought processes and began to walk down the stairs. At the bottom Zac took my hand and lifted my wrist to his lips, he gently touched my scar with his lips and it began to burn - no tingling sensation this time. I gasped but he quickly wiped it away,

"Welcome to the family Isabella," he whispered, I blushed and turned to the faces watching me. Oliver jumped forward and took my hand,

"That I did not like," he said wiping the scar, "Did he burn you?"

"No, it's fine. I'm fine," I assured him, Oliver smiled,

"Let's go and meet new faces for you. Old friends for me..." I smiled at him, "Alex! Is that you?!"


The End

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