Can't Escape Your Past

My heart had finally got back to its normal pattern by the time I'd finished my cereal, I finished off my orange juice and smiled at Cam who was watching me from the other end of the long table, he smiled back uncertainly,

"Why are you smiling?" he asked,

"I'm alive," I said simply, "That's surely something to be happy about,"

"What made you appreciate life so suddenly?"

"My near death experience," I told him,

"You weren't near death!" Cam scoffed, "He wouldn't have even laid a finger on you, we had your back," I smiled patronizingly,

"Sure you did," I told him sarcastically, I got up and walked out the door, it was about 2:30pm and I was ready to start the day afresh. I dressed quickly and headed outside into the sunshine, I met Jack in the rose garden, he didn't say anything as I appeared but handed me some clippers. I watched as he trimmed the rose heads and they fell to the ground, he picked them up and put them in his wheelbarrow.

"They're still in full bloom!" I cried, "Don't chop them off!" I warned, Jack raised an eyebrow,

"Did Zac not tell you?" he asked, I shook my head,

"Tell me what?"

"It's your presentation ball tomorrow,"

"My what?" I exclaimed, Jack sighed,

"You're being presented to the rest of the Fallen,"

"There are more than you three?" I asked,

"Much more, some live in heaven, some in hell..."

"And they're all coming, to see me?" I checked, Jack nodded and cut off a few more heads,

"Why?" I asked,

"You're important, people want to meet you... now the news is out that you ‘belong' to us - if you will - it's like a family get-together when someone has a new baby," Jack explained,

"There's no use trying to put it into human context," I told Jack, "I can't remember my human experiences... and well, I never had a family," Jack's face crumpled,

"I'm surprised you still want to talk to me," he admitted, "I killed your father, I destroyed your life!"

"I'm not one to dwell on the past," I said softly, "I never knew them... not really, and as Oliver once said, how can I miss something I never had?" Jack pursed his lips but nodded in agreement. I clipped a few heads off, leaving stalks like Jack did to put into the vases. Soon I was bored and left Jack to it, I walked around the grand stately home and then sat myself down on the grass outside the grand entrance. I lay back and stared into the deep blue sky, I closed my eyes and let the sun warm my cheeks, I listened to the birds and Jack humming in the rose garden a little way off. I hadn't had much experience of living, to my memory I had only been alive for three weeks, but I was content - wasn't that the main thing? According to my flashback I hadn't been happy and despite the chaos around here I was happy, my mind flickered back to the dank house where I'd stayed with Oliver and Ben, they seemed like strangers to me now. Jack's humming turned to whistling, it was a sinister tune, the sound echoed against the walls and added an eerie element to the sound, yet it was a song I knew - how did I know it?

My eyes opened but I wasn't sat in the garden, I was in a dark room with a white ceiling, I turned my head and saw bars, wooden bars, through the bars I could see a double bed and two peaceful faces sleeping soundly. The tune began again, it sounded as if it were coming from outside, there were footsteps on the staircase and then the door suddenly burst open. I felt a presence wrap around my body and hold me tight; this made me not cry out in fright. Standing in the doorway was a figure in a black cloak; black eyes glazed the room, and settled on my father. With little effort he almost floated to the body and placed his hands on my father's face, there was a cry of pain from my father and then a scream, my mother awoke and took the situation. She quickly climbed out of bed,

"Get off him!" she cried distraught, she then threw something at the creature, it left my father lying lifeless on the mattress and floated to the window, it's cloak knocked over my mother's perfume bottles as it descended into the night.

I blinked and suddenly I was back lying on the grass on the summer's day, I sat up quickly and breathed a sigh of relief, only a flashback... I got up and made my way indoors, I wanted to occupy myself so I didn't see that face again, that cloak, those eyes. I wanted to forget the cries of pain from my father and the tune the angel of death had sung, I turned on the shower and stepped in - I wanted to wash away the memories, and well, tomorrow I was going to have a ball!

The End

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