Unwanted Guests

I pulled my hands out of Cam's and looked across to Zac, back to Cam and then back to Zac,

"We dated?" I asked, Zac smiled,

"That's why I thought you'd remember me a little,"

"We dated?" I repeated, "How long for?" I asked,

"A couple months, nothing serious,"

"And my step dad?!" I cried,

"Like I said before, you weren't meant to be in the human world; despite all of Oliver's attempts you never really were happy,"

"You knew all about me? But I knew nothing about you; I didn't even know you were an angel!"

"Oh yeah, ‘Hi Isabella, I'm an angel by the way,' how would I have told you?" Zac asked,

"And you just left me there..." I trailed off in thought,

"I didn't want to, you saw that," Zac replied getting off the bed,

"But you still did,"

"I knew it would all turn out okay," Zac told me, "I knew you'd come back to me somehow,"

"And if I'd died?"

"We'd all have died with you," Zac replied shortly, "But get some sleep now, it's been a busy day," with that he smiled and closed my bedroom door. I rested my head against the pillow and closed my eyes but sleep couldn't find me. The flashback played over and over again in my head, how I'd felt and what I'd done. I hadn't been myself that night, nor had Zac but now I was with The Fallen I couldn't go back, I was no longer accepted by The Guardians - I was an enemy of theirs.


"Morning," Cam called brightly walking across my room to the four poster bed, I rubbed my eyes,

"I literally only got one hour's sleep last night," I groaned my voice thick with sleep,

"I forgot you teenagers slept so much; when I was amongst the humans you were always complaining of being tired, I say why not just go to sleep earlier?"

"Because Cam," I began smiling a little, "you can't always get to sleep and even when you do it still means you're tired"

"How do you know all of this? You can only remember the last week and a bit of your life,"

"That's long enough," I said yawning, "Why did you wake me up so early?" I asked,

"Sorry... it's boring whilst you're asleep, I wanted to liven it up a bit," Cam grinned cheekily,

"Ugh!" I said putting my head back into the pillow, "go away!"

"Such a teenager!" said another voice which made me freeze, I pulled my cover away from my head and glanced at Zac,

"Got a problem with that?" I asked,

"Morning Grumps," he grinned, I stuck my tongue out at him,

"Morning annoying angel," Zac raised an eyebrow,

"You never were good at insults," he told me, "Since you're awake you may as well have breakfast," I sighed and pushed the cover away from me, I slid out of bed and looked at both boys,

"Let me just get changed," I told them pushing Cam towards the door; once I was alone again I climbed back into bed and fell back asleep.


I opened my eyes after a satisfying sleep; I smiled to myself and then looked at the end of my bed,

"Afternoon sleepy head!" Ben said, his blond hair in beautiful ringlets, my eyes widened,

"Ben!" I cried smiling, I sat up and began to crawl towards him, suddenly I froze and sank back away from him. He smiled as his black eyes flicked over to the scar on my wrist; suddenly he stopped smiling as his black eyes locked on mine,

"Isabella," he almost purred, I pulled the cover back over me - as if that was going to stop an angel attack - he smiled again. "I won't hurt you,"

"You want to kill me Ben; I thought I was your friend!" Ben's smile softened,

"You are a friend, but..."

"Don't say but!"

"I am here for a reason," he added, I wasn't sure whether he was here to hurt me or not and my eyes were starting to hurt as I hadn't blinked once,


"To take you,"

"Take me where?" I asked,

"Not where, take you back as Guardian property," I blinked for the first time in ages,

"Like the scar on my wrist?" I asked automatically touching it,

"Isabella, do you want to come back to the good side?"

"The Fallen are good!" Ben shook his head,

"That's what they want you to believe!"

"And I believe it!" I replied,

"Pass me your wrist!" Ben exclaimed,

"No!" I retracted my wrists and pressed them against my chest, "I don't want to forget,"

"You won't..." Ben replied, "Look at me," he commanded,

"DON'T!" came a booming voice, but it was too late my eyes were already entranced in Ben's now blue eyes, they swam with colours and specs. Something slammed against my forehead and sent me crashing down into the mattress; something was shoved over my eyes and darkness wrapped around me. I could only hear a few grunts and smashes and then voices,

"Get out!"

"I'll be back; she's going to be ours!"

"You wish!" Zac yelled, there was a slam of a window frame and then I was slowly helped back up, Zac stood at the window and then turned to me, "That was close," he said quietly, Jack and Cam were sat on the bed, Cam crouching like a cat and Jack had a pillow in his arms, his hand supported my back,

"He almost went for you," Cam said crawling off the bed,

"Me?" I stuttered,

"It causes him pain to hypnotize, but breaking eye contact makes him very angry, kill-able anger,"

"He was going to kill me?"

"We had him, you were in no danger," Zac replied, "Right we need constant surveillance on Isabella, Jack can you get Harry on the case please?" Jack nodded and climbed off the bed,

"And you can get up now, it's almost lunch time," Cam added, I smiled,

"I'm there," I said hopping off the bed and following Cam out the door, Zac was left in the room inspecting the damage to the bed post.  


The End

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