It was a sunny day in the West Country; my foster dad was driving me to school, he kept looking at me and smiling, I smiled back, although I knew what he was thinking and it wasn't savoury. The problem was I'd not had a very lucky lot in life. At the age of two, my parents had been killed by a serial killer, a serial killer who'd never been found. From the age of two to ten I'd been transported around orphanages all through England, travelling from foster home to foster home. It wasn't that I didn't like my life, this was my life, and I'd never had anything different, but the last six years had been the worst.

 I'd been fostered by the Tomlinson family, a well-known, well-liked family living in Devon. Mrs Tomlinson, also known as Linda, was my foster mother, and Mr Tomlinson, Paul, my foster father. Mrs Tomlinson worked as a nurse at the local hospital, meaning she worked nightshifts, leaving me alone with Mr Tomlinson each night. The problem was, he practically controlled my life, if I were to murmur a word as to what happened each night, I'd be dead. Linda was none the wiser, I tended to lock myself in the bathroom, but there were always nights where he would catch me unaware and then mercilessly hurt me and destroy my pride. I'd never had life any different and therefore I never knew what love really was... I'd never known...until I'd met Zac.

"Have a great day in school honey," Paul called, I scowled, "Don't be like that, last night was fun!" he snapped,

"Bye!" I called getting out the car, slamming the door and walking towards the building as the rest of the pupils swarmed around me, I finally I felt safe. I went to the wall and sat down next to Cameron, my boyfriend's best friend.

"Seen Zac yet?" I asked him,

"He's around," Cameron replied, "How are you?" he asked glancing at the bruise on my face,

"I... I fell down the stairs," I said gingerly touching the bruise, I should have used more foundation, "How stupid was that?" I scoffed, Cameron didn't seem to buy it but he didn't say anything as Zac came into view. I sighed, his thick dark hair hung over his forehead handsomely and his pale skin made his dashingly dark eyes stand out. I stayed sat on the wall until Zac reached me, Cameron hopped off and went to another group of boys,

"Hello gorgeous," he said looking up at me, I put my arms on his shoulders and his arms went to my waist and he carefully set me down on the ground. He leaned in and kissed my cheek gently, he never kissed me properly but I didn't care, I loved him. A tingling sensation rose on my cheek and Zac quickly wiped it with him thumb as if he knew I could feel it, I smiled at him and then wrapped my arms around his waist again.

"Hello," I beamed; Zac put his arm around my shoulder as we walked to registration, we sat next to each other at the back and spoke in whispers,

"How'd you get the bruise?" he asked,

"I fell down the stairs," I replied, "it's fine, it barely hurts,"

"Are you sure?" he asked stroking it gently, his cool touch always made it feel better; I rested my head into his arm,

"Very sure," I replied,

"Are you coming to the party tonight?" Gerran asked turning round,

"I am... I think Isabella is," Zac glanced at me, "You coming tonight?" he asked,

"If I can get away from my step dad, then yeah," I smiled,

"We'll get you away," Zac smiled,

"This party is going to be the bomb!" Gerran grinned, "Bring alcohol!" he added,

"I don't drink," Zac replied, Gerran was about to make fun of him but the look in Zac's eyes made him pause and then turn around. I smiled at Zac,

"I love you," I admitted hopelessly, Zac winked,

"I know," he laughed.


There was a tap on the window, I turned to see Zac's eager face signalling for me to let him in, I opened the window and laughed as he almost fell on top me. Zac stood up and closed the window,

"Are you ready?" he asked in a whisper,

"Is it cold?" I asked, Zac shrugged,

"I don't know, I don't feel the cold," he replied, I grabbed my cardigan and smiled,

"Ready!" Zac grinned,

"Climb on my back," he ordered,

"I'm heavy!" I complained, Zac began to laugh,

"Far from it, now climb!" he ordered, I wrapped my arms around his tough neck which seemed to be made from stone, although it obviously wasn't. Zac backed out the window, I pressed my head into his shoulder, I could feel him climbing down but he was so agile it was inhuman. Zac let me down and walked me to his car, he opened the door for me and watched my house warily,

"Quick!" he whispered, the front door opened as Zac climbed in and Paul scanned the area, he noticed the car and headed towards it. Once he'd caught a glimpse of me he began to run at us,

"Hurry! Hurry up!" I cried, Zac started the car and slammed his foot onto the accelerator; we sped away from Paul and the house. I sighed in relief,

"I'm dead meat when we get back," I cried,

"Then don't go back?" Zac offered,

"Har har," I said sarcastically, "Where would I go?" Zac smiled,

"I don't know," he admitted, although he had a secret grin playing on his lips, we pulled in at Gerran's house and Zac pulled up the hand break.

"I'm surprised Gerran invited us, I never talk to him," I said,

"Yeah but he definitely fancies you,"

"How can you tell? You're not a mind reader," I stated, Zac laughed,

"I may not be, but Cam..." he laughed again, "I'm only joking," he added, but he was right, there was something about Cameron which made me feel uneasy, as if he could read my thoughts. We both got out and headed towards the house with the flashing lights and booming music,

"I guess his parents are out," Zac said looking around, Gerran lived in the centre of Exeter in a street full of houses tightly packed together,

"The police will be called around here soon," I said looking at a curtain as it wavered in a neighbouring window. Zac took my hand and we went into the buzz.


"Want a drink?" Gerran shouted over the music, I shrugged,

"No thanks!" he smiled and handed me a bottle,

"There you go," he smiled again, I took it despite the fact I didn't want it, it was a strange blue colour, "Homemade punch!" he told me, I raised an eyebrow, "I made it myself, try it!" he yelled over the music, I sighed and took a swig. My mouth burned with the alcohol content, "Like it?" he asked, I smiled,

"It's great!" I said hoping he'd leave so I could put it down somewhere,

"It gets better after the first five mouthfuls!" he watched as I took another sip of the drink which tasted like poison. Zac came to my side,

"What are we drinking?" he asked looking at the blue liquid,

"I don't even know," I told him, "Want to try some?"

"No thanks, I'll pass," Zac said pushing it away, I took one last sip to please Gerran, he smiled and put his thumbs up. Leaving the drink on the side I grabbed a cup and poured myself some water,

"You like the alcohol?" Zac asked,

"I'm just really thirsty!" I told him, the ‘homemade punch' had left a horrible taste in my mouth, sort of a metallic taste. I downed the water and then licked my lips, my throat started to burn again... that wasn't water. I read the bottle and pulled a face, Vodka; I got some water out the tap and drank that too.

"Want to dance?" Zac asked watching me with fascination; I nodded and let him lead me into the lounge which had turned into a dance floor. We danced together for a bit, Zac's arms around my waist; I was beginning to enjoy myself. Suddenly Cameron appeared; he tapped Zac on the shoulder and whispered something, Zac turned to me,

"One minute, I'll meet you in the kitchen," he said, I nodded and watched as Cameron led Zac outside, Gerran started to dance near me so I headed back into the kitchen. Hannah came up to me, she looked a bit drunk,

"Elle!" she cried, "Try some of this, it's to die for!" she handed me a bottle, "It's non-alcoholic... I think," she began to giggle, I sniffed it and then tasted it, it didn't taste alcoholic. I enjoyed the taste and so began to drink it, I danced a little with Hannah in the kitchen whilst drinking the lemonade tasting drink. A few minutes later Zac came back,

"The police are here," he whispered, "Let's head out the back, so we won't get caught," he took my hand and led me into the deserted back garden; Zac opened the back gate and pulled me into the alleyway. I was beginning to feel more lightheaded and less in control of my body, I laughed tipsily as Zac led me down the alley. I looked into his eyes, they were the same blackness as they always were, but there was a hint of evil in them, this added to the thrill. Zac wrapped his arms around my waist and pushed me against the cold wall, his lips began to caress my face, leaving that same tingling sensation, but this time he didn't wipe it away. His eyes met mine and he grinned, his white teeth flashed before my eyes, he said something but I didn't hear, the tingling sensation had began to burn. His hand ran down my waist and found my wrist, he flipped it out towards the moon and kissed it, his tongue traced the vein, the pain got worse and worse, my legs began to wobble. My head was roaring and my body seemed to be pulling apart. I screamed, my legs failed me, my whole body felt as if it were on fire, tears ran down my cheeks, I whimpered and then my eyes rolled back into my head and I fell unconscious.

I watched as Zac left me in the alleyway, he met up with Cam and Cam put his arm around Zac's shoulder,

"It had to be done," Cam told him,

"What do we do now?" Zac asked glancing back at my crumpled frame,

"Leave her, they'll find her, I promise, everything will work out,"

"I love her Cam!" Zac cried,

"You MUST leave her," Cam pulled Zac's arm and they ascended into the black night's sky and were gone.

The End

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