Showing the Past

I took a sigh of relief before Zac burst through the door,

"Has he gone?" he asked looking around the room,

"Surely you're angelic senses can tell," I muttered,

"Did he hurt you?" he asked, ignoring me,

"Nope," I said making a popping ‘P', Zac smiled,


"I want to go home," I stated sitting down,

"You know that's not an option," Zac said folding his arms,

"Can't you just put me back into the world?"

"Where would you go?" he challenged,

"Back to my old life!" I stood up in protest,

"You don't remember any of your old life," Zac replied darkly,

"Thanks to you!" I spat, Zac took a step towards me,

"I had no choice!"

"What? Why!?" I cried,

"The Guardians had had control of you for sixteen years! It was our turn!"

"Control of me? They only ever looked after me," I replied sulkily, "And you just come and destroy everything!" a tear slid down my cheek, "I don't remember any of my old life, but I do know that I preferred it..."

"Don't say that," Zac said raising his hand and then slowly dropping it, "Come on, it's late," he said, I sighed,

"I don't know what to do," I whimpered, I didn't know much about my emotions but there were certainly soaring,

"Come on Isabella, everything will be clearer in the morning, I promise," he took my hand and dragged me to my bedroom, he left me to get changed and then reappeared.

"Go away, I'm tired," I said closing my eyes and hoping he'd get the picture,

"Do you want to know what happened the night of your conversion?" Zac asked, I opened my eyes slowly,

"Only if you tell the truth,"

"I never lie," Zac stated, he walked over to me and sat on the end of the double bed. He flicked his dark hair out his black eye and rested his back against the bedpost, looking into my eyes he smiled softly, "where should I start?" he asked himself,

"At the beginning,"

"It's such a complicated plot," he muttered, "Cam!" he suddenly called a little loud, still no louder than a soft murmur, Cam appeared at the door moments later and walked to the bed,

"Yes master?" he asked,

"It's time," Zac inclined his head towards me, "I need you to show Isabella what happened that night," Cam looked from me to Zac,

"Now?" he asked,


"Right," Cam rocked on his heels, "I've never done this to a human before," he said a little worried,

"You did it to Jessica!" Zac laughed,

"Okay, I've not done it to a human in the past century," Cam corrected. I kept forgetting these angels were the age of the earth, Cam climbed onto the bed too and then took my hand, "I'm going to show you what happened that night," he began solemnly, "You'll only be watching, and you'll see yourself getting... getting hurt," Cam pulled a face, "But don't do anything, because you can change the future by going back into the past..."

"You can change the past?" I asked,

"You can," Zac spoke up, "We never make any mistakes that want changing,"

"Arrogant," I muttered,

"Anyway," Cam spoke up, "you'll also feel the emotions you felt that night, it will help you understand, but hopefully as soon as you feel any... feel any pain, you'll be back here,"

"Ready?" Zac asked,

"I'm not sure," I muttered, "Will it be scary?"

"Maybe," Cam shrugged, "I'll be next to you the whole time,"

"Okay, I'm ready," I stated, Cam took my other hand too,

"Look into my eyes..." he said. 

The End

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