Guardian Angels


"It wasn't something guarding you that night," Jack replied, "someone has been looking after you all your life, stopping us from killing you,"

"Oliver," I gasped, Jack nodded,

"He is your guardian angel after all,"

"How many angels are on this earth?"

"Roughly 16," Jack replied,

"So why do I have a guardian angel?" I muttered,

"You're special Isabella, you're the key. That's why the Guardians have been protecting you all this time, they knew you were the key to the end of the battle, and we're all pleased they kept you alive."

"So why aren't they saving me now?" I questioned,

"We've marked you Isabella, you're ours to guard now, our marking of you means that they have failed to be your guardian. Basically it gives us the upper hand in the battle because they've failed at their job, we've got passed their defences and you're now our property. It's going to be harder for them to get to heaven now, and The Fallen are closer..." Jack smiled, I smiled grimly, "we better go inside," Jack said getting up. The sun had almost gone down; I stood up and followed Jack. I stepped into the house and Jack suddenly stopped,

"Zac wants you, he's in the drawing room," he told me, I handed him back the trowel and went to the drawing room. I knocked on the door before going in,

"Enter," boomed a voice, I pushed the door open and stepped in, Zac sat lounging on a chaise longue, I looked across the room and stopped in my tracks,

"OLIVER!" I exclaimed running to him, Zac just having been on the chaise longue appeared in front of me and blocked my path, I ran straight into him, he was fast.

"He's just visiting," Zac said pushing me away; I peered round his shoulder, Oliver's face was sad,

"Hi!" I smiled, Zac pushed me away again,

"There you've seen her, you can go," Oliver's curls bounced as he looked up from me to Zac,

"Are you okay Elle?" Oliver asked, his voice calm and collected but miserable,

"What's happening?" I asked,

"Oliver just came to see if you were still...alive," Zac said hesitantly,

"They're not going to hurt me," I told Oliver, Zac smiled,

"That's what they want you to think," Oliver replied,

"Am I not safe?" I asked, Zac looked at Oliver slowly,

"You can go Oliver. Isabella, you're safe," he told me holding my arm, Oliver took a step forward and Zac pulled me back, I went tumbling onto the floor, they were a lot stronger than I first thought. Zac and Oliver stood face to face, both looking arrogant and angry,

"Let me see her," Oliver said through his teeth,

"No," Zac stated,

"What are you going to do? Spit in my face?" Oliver growled,

"I feel tempted to," Zac replied,

"Go on, do it!" Oliver dared,

"Don't!" I cried scrambling off the floor, they both ignored me,

"Get out of my house," Zac snarled,

"With pleasure," Oliver didn't move, "But first," he began, "Let me talk to her alone," he inclined his head to me, Zac narrowed his eyes and shook his head slowly,

"Never," he spat, I walked up to the boys who both towered above me, I tried to make them take a step back but I couldn't budge them. It was as if I were invisible,

"Guys, stop!" I cried, they didn't respond but instead they stared each other out, I hit Zac on the arm, "Stop!" I called - no response. I sighed and took a step back, suddenly Oliver dodged round Zac and caught my hand, he began to half-run, half-fly away with me in tow. Zac grabbed my other hand and pulled me the other way, being pulled in two directions at fast speeds made both the boys stop as I cried out in pain. It felt as if my arms were about to both dislocate, Oliver dropped my hand and ran at Zac, who pushed me out the way and then got into a defensive position. Oliver slammed into Zac and they ricocheted off each other, Oliver flew round and got Zac's collar,

"Let me speak to her! She deserves to know!" Oliver shouted,

"Know what?!" I cried from the floor, Oliver slammed Zac's head against the wall, it made a huge dent and crack as a picture frame fell off further along. Zac grabbed Oliver's leg - which was floating in the air, because somehow he was flying - and sent him flying towards the window. Oliver crashed threw it shattering the glass, soon he was heading back at Zac, blood covering his face,

"STOP!" I screamed, getting up and running at the boys who were now trying to shove each other over. I got in-between them and pushed them both away. I knew my strength wouldn't match theirs but surprisingly they both stopped trying to kill each other, "Please stop!" I whimpered, Oliver relaxed and let go of Zac, Zac did the same.

"Fine, talk to her, but if you try anything... you're dead," he threatened darkly before stalking out the room. Oliver turned to me and pulled an apologetic face,

"Sorry about that," he said, "I just needed to tell you something,"

"What is it?" I asked folding my arms, Oliver smiled crookedly, "Don't look at me like that!" I scolded,

"You're probably right," Oliver sighed, "I shouldn't," he stopped smiling,

"What do you have to say?" I demanded,

"Something has changed, we can no longer protect you," Oliver began, "It's their job to protect you,"

"Protect me from what? First the Fallen were trying to kill me, whilst you protected me, and now they are protecting me... what from?" I asked, Oliver rolled up his sleeve,

"From us," he said simply, "as much as I'd like to protect you, it's now my job to kill you," I began to back away from the crazy look in his eyes,

"But you wouldn't kill me..." I stuttered, Oliver's curls bounced innocently,

"Not yet..." he said smiling,

"Oh gee thanks," I added bitterly as my back pressed against the wall,

"I could never kill you Elle," he breathed, "you mean too much to me,"

"And Zac knows that," I mumbled,

"I used to be your Guardian Angel, I couldn't kill you," he almost whispered, "I love you,"

"Who's going to kill me?" I asked, "Hang on, you love me?"

"I can't do this," Oliver cried rubbing his forehead, "I'm going," he turned and went to the window, "Bye," he breathed before climbing through the broken window and disappeared in flight.





The End

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