The Inevitable Choice

What would you do if you woke up in a world you'd only ever dreamt about?

Chapter One

♥ There is something strangely comforting about the continuous sound of a heartbeat. The gentle thump is a constant reminder that you are alive, even when your mind is elsewhere; your heartbeat remains as an unspoken voice. Hearts outside the body represent love, occasionally being drawn as a red shape next to the name of an attractive boy or girl. But hearts in the body are the core of your existence, keeping you alive, forcing blood to every inch of your body. I had always wondered what would happen if that heart was taken? Is it possible to remain alive? Or would you be left not just without your heart, but also your mind and soul? ♥

It is hard to describe the sensation I feel, it cannot be compared to anything because nothing had ever felt this way before. I can’t use metaphors or similes to describe it, I can’t make a noise or sound to portray it, I can’t liken it to anything I have seen, or smelt, or touched. Right now I do not feel anything, no emotions wrap around my body as they usually do, making me blush or laugh or cry. It is as if I can only merely think, all I see is blackness and if I listen I can only hear my heart beating. I try to sleep, but give up; this feeling is making me nervous and confused. I could have been here for ten seconds but I could also have been here for ten years. Thinking about this makes me calmer, I know that time exists; I know life exists, I know it, but I cannot remember living, I cannot remember the past or imagine the future. This new thought scares me and I feel my heart beat faster, a new noise sounds, a beep a repetitive ostinato of a shrill, loud, annoying bleep. I groan internally and wake up mentally, I feel annoyed, annoyance is an emotion I am sure. I listen carefully, I can hear more, a clicking which gets louder and fades away, a mumble of noise and a sudden outbreak of sound, which to me sounds happy. I am more aware, I can feel my body and I know I must still be alive, whatever alive is. The clicking noise starts again and I hear it get closer and closer and then stop altogether, the mumble soon becomes voices, some of which I recognize but cannot place.

“She moved!” an outburst echoes around my ears.


“Her eye twitched.”  

“Look it did it again!”

“So it did, is she waking?”

“So soon?”

“It is a miracle!” 


I felt something peel away from my head and suddenly I could see, but only a bright, white light. I blinked, welcoming the darkness but missing the light as soon as my eyes were closed, so I opened them again. Excitement bubbled in the room but I could not pick up what the voices were saying, I looked around and saw familiar faces, showing relief. Doctors and nurses surrounded me, their faces not familiar and this time showing confusion. No one bothered to tell me what was going on, I lay there, wide eyed and waited. A few moments later after the kerfuffle died down someone came up to me,

“Oh Isabella, honey,” she smiled, “I thought I had lost you,” she cried. I recognized her voice and face, but I did not know her. “Say something…” she cried after another moment’s silence, I knew she was talking to me, but I had no words for this, I opened my mouth and nothing came out.

“Just let her relax for the moment, would some people please clear out, we have a full enough room already.” Called an authoritative man, a few people left and he came closer, his badge read Police Force. I watched him inspect me and turn to the woman who had just spoken to me,

“Isabella has made a marvellous recovery, would you mind discussing something with me in the office?” the woman left with a man and leaving only a doctor in the room. He beamed at me and walked over,

“Welcome back,” he grinned, “you probably have no idea what is happening, that is normally the case so just relax as I talk and check you over.” He prodded my stomach carefully and shone a light in my eyes.

“Isabella, that is a very pretty name,” he grinned again, his straight brown hair hung handsomely round his face and his eyes were a deep green. “Well Isabella, you were found roughly two days ago in a dark alley, you had bad cuts on your head, well to be honest you had cuts pretty much everywhere. A few bruises too, but mainly cuts, which meant you lost a lot of blood and fell into a coma. We have no idea what happened to you, but we do know that you won’t be doing much for the next few weeks,” he winked and began to prod at my leg. I opened my mouth and tried to say something, anything, but no sounds escaped my lips.

"Your parents are outside, they have been here for twenty-four hours straight praying for you and hoping you survived, we were not expecting you to wake for another few weeks. And for a few weeks you’ll experience memory loss, it’s normal, but we’ll all try and help you remember, just to warn you, some people never recover. But you, Isabella, confound us all,” he bent over me and looked into my eyes again, “there is something about you Isabella, I don’t know what, but I’m going to go and fetch your parents and by the time I come back hopefully you can talk to them.” He winked and bustled out the door.

I concentrated on moving my arm and managed lifting it above my head and back down again. The door opened and I turned my head slowly to see my parents, but coming in the door was someone else. I recognized him, more than I had recognized my parents, it was almost as if he were my brother, did I have a brother? He was watching the floor but he lifted his head and our eyes met, his eyes were black and bore into mine, his hair was blond and fell messily over his face. He had high cheekbones and red lips, the colour some girls would die for; he was the most beautiful person I had ever seen, I sieved through my small memory, he hadn’t been in the room when I had opened my eyes. I was sure of that, how did I know him? He took two large strides to my bedside and looked at my body, his face paler than any face I had seen, but he didn’t look ill. He looked strangely calm compared to my other visitors.

“Damn, they beat you up pretty well,” he mumbled to himself, his voice sounded like chocolate, making my insides melt. “I am so sorry Elle,” he said, bending in and leaving his face inches from mine. His black eyes swam with secrets and untold stories; they would have made me forget everything, if I had any memory to forget. I felt my heartbeat quicken and he heard it on the monitor which sounded a shrill sound around the empty room. He leant back, smiled to himself and looked around, I felt his arms reach under my body and he lifted me from the bed, something pulled on my arm and suddenly became free, I felt liquid trickle down my arm. I lay limp in his arms, but no feeling of fear rose in me, I was perfectly calm, I didn’t know why but I trusted him with my life.

"You have seen too much of my world, so you are coming with me.” He said flatly turning to the window and opening it; I heard the sound of cars and felt the wind on my face. “Close your eyes,” he whispered.



The End

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