The indescribable


People describe love as pretty flowers or a newborn baby. Some people like to describe it as a feeling or a situation. To me, humans have paper hearts. They were supposed to be torn or shredded. We learn from the tiny tears. We lose the people we love, the people we love use us or leave, or we just can't understand what we feel. Our hearts can only be mended by Christ and his love. (If you're not religious please do not exit or just skim through). The love that we feel on earth is a good love. Except that's not love unless you have accepted Christ's love. He mends our paper hearts with his perfect and unconditional love. I can't describe it, you can't either. God sent His only son (Jesus Christ) to die a terrible death for you. He did that so we could live eternally with Him. Every wrong that you've committed is WIPED when you accept Him and the love He offers. Isn't that amazing? You can't find love like His anywhere else. So if you are searching for it in earthly things, look up to Him. 

The End

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