The Conversation Pt. I

    'So...' Cameron awkardly says, after taking a sip of his coffee. 'I'm thinking I said something really, really dumb last night, but, everything's a bit foggy.'

    'Oh? What do you think you said?' I try to play it cool, as I flip the bread over in the large skillet.

    'You know, this and that...something about me...and you...'

    'You did...'

    'Oh, so it wasn't a dream.'

    'Nope,' I say. 'We're making this incredibly awkard for ourselves, aren't we.'

    'Yeah, you know, I think we are.'


    Cameron comes up behind me, and turns me to face him.

    'I really, really like you. So much.'

    'Ye--yeah?' I manage to stutter. 'I really like you too.'


    Way to ruin the mood, Cameron, way to ruin the mood.

    'I'm going to have to wait until you figure that out.' I say, as tears involuntarily start to fall down my face.

The End

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