Back at the Apartment

    Why had I avoided him for so long? Cam and I were completely fine, as if nothing had changed. I pushed the incident to the back of my mind.

    The evening went well. We'd gone out for pizza, at our favourite Italian place on campus. The movie we saw was mediocre at best, and we both agreed that it wasn't worth the ten bucks.

    "At least we didn't have to pay for popcorn," Cam smiled, his movie star grin momentarily blinding me. "Thank God for your purse...I can't remember the last time we paid for movie theater food!"

   I laughed. "Like...four years ago. We were young and stupid then. Well, you were. You thought they'd just let us waltz in with Chinese Food."

    "Hey! You went along with it!"

    We'd been walking and reminiscing, and I realized we were in front of my apartment. We walked up the steps, and into the hallway my mother had painted as a 'surprise', along with my bedroom. I wrinkled my nose at the blue she had chosen, as I did every time I walked in. Out of love for my mother I kept it, and Cameron laughed at me.

    "Honestly, she'll understand if you change it." he'd said to me many times.

    "Yeah, I know,'s just not in the budget now. I have to finish school! You know that as well as anyone."

    "Yeah, enough room in that budget for a couple of drinks?"

    I hesitated. The last time I'd gotten a few drinks in me, I'd blurted out the one thing I hadn't meant to. He seemed to read my mind, and in his smooth way, said:

    "Erin's out of town. She went to her grandmother's."

    "Because, you know, that was my  deterrent." I attempted to retort, just as smoothly.

    "Come on. We can just have fun." Cam was excellent at avoiding the incident, which was still eating away in my mind.

    Did he honestly not care? Did it not matter to him that I had made things awkward? Did he honestly think nothing of my faux pas?

    He could tell my mind was running at a million miles an hour.

    "Charlotte...come on....I missed you these past couple of days. You've been all...weird."

    I swallowed my embarrassment. I forced another smile. "I'm fine now. I missed you too."

    "Good." He put his arm around me, and led me back out the door and down the street to the bar.

The End

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