Three Days Later

    I managed to avoid Cameron for three days. They'd been the longest three days of my entire life. I'd see a dumb commercial and want to call him to complain. I'd get a stupid customer at work, who didn't understand the concept of '2-for-1', and want to laugh with him at our obviously doomed civilization.

    But, I couldn't bring myself to call him. I was embarrassed. I knew that if I saw him, it would just be awkward for both of us. I couldn't bring myself to dial his number. I knew that there would be some awkward silence, followed by the dreaded 'So...'.

    Clearly, from the lack of urgent texts on my cell, Cam felt pretty much the same.

    Unfortunately, because we did so many of the same things, our paths did cross. Luckily, when they eventually did, in the library at the University, he wasn't with Erin.

"Hey, you." he said.

"" I echoed.

"I haven't seen you in ages, where have you been, Charlotte?" He often called me this, because he found it humourous with my last name, Webber.

"Not a whole lot Cam...I...have to go..."

"Don't keep avoiding me, I miss you! What are you doing, like...right now?"

I'm standing here, awkwardly talking to you, avoiding the topic we're both thinking about...

I bit my tongue. "Just getting out a couple of books for the psych essay."

"Let's go and grab a bite to eat. We can maybe go and catch a movie or something after!" He seemed genuinely enthused by prospect.

"Sounds good." I tried to fake a smile and push 'the incident' into the back of my mind. If he was willing to ignore it, I was too.

The End

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