Hiding From Cameron

Yeah, I chickened out. But, who wouldn't in my situation? I had made a complete ass of myself. Nothing would ever be the same between us. As I put down the phone I rolled over and pressed my face into the pillow. I let out a muffled scream and couldn't help feeling my cheeks flush once again. My stomach was in knots. If it had been anyone else, ironically, I would've called Cam to ask him to calm my nerves. But, now that was shot. The friendship we had worked so long to create without the obvious sexual tensions that come with every male-female non-sexual relationship was now ruined! We wouldn't be able to talk anymore. He wouldn't be able to look at me without thinking something along the lines of "Oh God, she wants to get down tonight."

Yeah, Cameron actually says things like that...without a hint of sarcasm or irony. It is this loser quality that is behind my love for him. It's his movie-star good looks, and overstuffed wallet that cause the rest of the female population to come running.

Like his newest interest, Erin. In a completely non-lesbian way, Erin is absolutely stunning. She has one of those faces you'd expect to see in a commercial advertising some kind of makeup. She has stunning blue eyes, that even with contacts I couldn't hope to imitate. She has an incredible figure, that I'm sure doesn't come without a lot of hard work. Her clothes come from the most expensive designer stores, all thanks to Daddy's credit card. It doesn't even matter that she's old enough to have her own. She is the kind of girl that we all hated in high school, and continue to hate to this day, because she's the kind of girl that attracts all of the 'good catches', like Cameron. The worst part? She's not even nice!

The End

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