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It was the day after my team won our first ranked cup. A happy day , a day for rejoice and cheers but that never came did it ? A simple mistake on my part maybe but "it" happened none -the less. The plan was simple "lets all meet up at the pitch where we won" my friends had said but why ? why did I agree, if I could go back in time would I have said "yes"? would I have walked through that neighbourhood and if so would I take that route ? "of course I bloody well would do " I told myself, what happened that day may have changed me but it opened my eyes to the cruelty and brutality of this world "ha" the world I grew up in was never this bad was it ? if so why has nothing been done to change it, well if none else would then I shall try.

The day started out as any other but i woke feeling happier than usual, i was going to see the people that meant the most to me in the world, my best friend , my girlfriend and my years football team who had recently won 16 ranking cup and it was I who scored the final goal leading us to victory , but for what ? I had told my parents that i would be walking to the pitch to celerbrate our long over due success. The day however was bleak and grey but i made the most of it. i threw on my jacket and flew out of the door with joy and warmth in my entire body with no warning about what i was about to witness that very day.

I was but 1 mile away from the pitch where we had won our place in the school history. I walked along thinking i would be welcomed into the open arms of my friends and feel the sweet embrace of my girlfriends arms but never came. The weather that day was dismal and it had begun to rain slightly but that hadn't dampened my spirits, I continued to walk along a deserted road as it was a Sunday and no-one was about, one foot in front of the other I moved swiftly through the street and came to an alley my friends enjoyed to play in, only three meters wide but streching fifty meters in length. As I approached it I began to hear noises, a noise of struggle and anguish of pain and alarm. I ran, I shouldn't have. I ran to see if someone was hurt but that wasn't the entire story. To this day all I remember is that man and the look in his eyes, they were yellow and glaring at me as I stood at the entrance of the alley. I stood shaking as it poured it down with rain but I wasn't cold I was terrified. He was crouched over a body, weather they were alive or not I don't know and I didn't care as I was frozen to the spot with fear and then my legs started moving as fast as they could in whatever direction, whichever was furthest away from "him". That was when I changed, the last moment I saw "him " and my simple childhood life was erased from existence 

The End

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