The IncidentMature

just a boy who is a witness to a simple street crime but after merely watching and doing nothing he changes he thoughts and the way he thinks, the incident eats away at him until the end of days.

My name is Bradford. I was a typical 16 year old boy. I played sports,video games and enjoyed my hobbies, but that all changed. I was there when "it" happened. That incident changed my life whereas others would have merely put it out of there mind , but thats the thing how could they. this is why they call me mad,insane, obsessive but they don't understand, no one can ever understand the simple but terrible events that unfolded that day,on the street and within my mind. This is who i am now by societies standards im insane, but im now awake and my eyes are open to this world. My name is Bradford and im insane but thats a matter of opinion. 

The End

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