The Incident

I hadn't been this angry in a very, very long time. Yes, it was my fault that things were awkward between us, and yes, it was my fault that things weren't getting any better between us.

But, seriously! I didn't mean what I'd said. Or, did I? That was exactly what was eating away at me. Although it had been a week since what I had mentally dubbed 'the incident' had happened, every time I thought about it it turned my stomach as if had just happened.

"I really like her, Stacey." he had said to me. "I kissed her tonight."

"You did... what? But... why? I mean, we're supposed to be together... I love you!"

Now, in my defense, there had been quite a bit of alcohol in my system. At the time it had seemed like a reasonably good idea, telling my best friend of almost six years that I had secretly been pining for him the last nine months. What was the harm in that? After an awkward pause and a sudden departure on his part, and a sudden sobering up and realization on my part, it occured to me that I'd probably screwed things up with Cameron for a long, long time.

The End

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