Chapter 4: Ms. AndrewsMature

I left Jamie at the safety at her house for now while she packed up and she was planning on going to Oscar’s. This way she’ll have someone with her at all times. I wanted her safe, so she won’t end up like me. I knew Oscar would believe Jamie and keep her safe but I wanted to see how everyone else was doing with their individual cope.

Her pretty blonde feathered hair had a shine of young white in it and she cried little in her red covered bed. I walked on her carpet in her room and she wiped away the misery of tears on her face and around her eyes. Ms. Andrews was very pretty and very open. She helped me pull up my grades and she helped me and Oscar. We would spend the night at her house sometimes when we had nowhere to go. She was our Science teacher in ninth grade. She stared at a picture of me, Oscar and herself bunched together underneath a large apple tree on her aunt’s barn. Over Christmas and Thanksgiving she took us here to be with her and her family. They were very old fashioned in a very jolly way to know they could be so happy in the middle of nowhere but surrounded by family and friends who they love. The sun was in the background, we always got up early when we were there.



“Ok, boys, time for us to get up!” Ms. Andrews called us from the guest bedroom door. Oscar and I dressed in blue jeans, a dark blue shirt, and a light blue shirt. We came down for breakfast at six in the morning and eggs, bacon, and grits were served. He were thankful for every mean Mr. and Mrs. Gaston. We called them Mr. or Mrs. G for short. Oscar and I were assigned to have the barn painted red by Thursday, but we had to collect eggs before dinner, milk cows before lunch, and fetch hay in the fields for Butterscotch and Milk. Two horses on the farm. Butterscotch was a caramel color with brown splatters and Milk was a plain beautifully crafted white horse. Today is Tuesday.

To have Ms. Andrews help us out made it twice as better. We painted the barn easily by Wednesday and had everything done. For the rest of the time Oscar, Ms. Andrews and I swung on the tire by the large apple tree, rode the horses around, and gladly cleaned up with the rest of the family.

Friday night came around the corner and I couldn’t sleep for some reason. I went down stairs and when I heard Ms. Andrew’s voice and Mrs. G’s voice conversing with each other I pause and eased dropped.

“I love how you’re saving those boys. They really need to get away. I’m glad you brought them here. Make sure to bring them back down here for Christmas.” Mrs. G said.

“I’m just glad that they came to me in the first place at school. I would bring them lunch because they would eat nothing at lunch period. I even let them help around after school and they seemed happier.” Ms. Andrews explained.

I remember that Saturday we took that picture of the three of us underneath that apple tree and the tire swing. We left that same day and we each got out pictures.

Some dude named, Michael stole Oscar’s and mine photo and burned it on the campus.


I walked in her room and noticed she had mine and Oscar’s school pictures in her bedroom. She was always very excited and pleased by me and Oscar for helping her. She loved Jamie….she always was available to help Jamie. She was basically letting Jamie live with her but when I pasted away Jamie didn’t want to cry constantly around Ms. Andrews.

Ms. Andrews laid on her side on the far right of her bed looking at the picture of us by the tire swing. She cried with tissues by her thigh and some soaked in the trashcan below her.

She is like a second mother to me. I remember for Christmas she bought me new pants and shirts for me to wear that would last a good year…well a good 2 months anyway.

Since my murder was in February I felt so bad that she wasted her money on me. Seeing her like this, knowing she helped Oscar and I with school work and saving us from three weeks of our parents, bought clothing, she was like our mother. Knowing all she did to help, and one of us wounds up dead still.

The End

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