What Do I Get?

Xander was deep into a conversation with that creepy porno guy again.

"Hey…Xan?" I interrupted.

"There is no way Lord of the Rings is Superior to the original Star Trek series!" He shouted at the guy who started to argue back.

"Xander!" I shouted.

"What?!" He yelled back, looking annoyed.

"I’m going on lunch, I’m taking an hour today and there’s nothing you can say or do about it," I said, grabbing my bag and heading out the door.

"Geez, take it easy," he said, "Take two hours if you’re so motivated. Although, I’ll fire you if you don’t bring me back a veggie burger."

"Deal," I said, with a glimmer of a smile wiped across my face, "Bye Xan…bye…Cree-. Oh, nevermind."

I left the store, glad to be on my own for at least a moment. It was just good to be outside with some time to actually go somewhere good for lunch and take a little walk and possibly sneak in a few photo opportunities along the way. Plus, Xander was driving me crazy with his Star Trek versus Lord of the Rings arguments. At least he hadn't started on his Star Wars rant. That  usually got a little messy.

I came back a little over an hour later, with a little brown bag tucked under my arm.

"Xander, veggie burger!" I shouted. A few customers looked up from the racks of records and comic books and gave me a funny look.

"Well its about time!" He grumbled.

"Sorry, but they closed that one place you liked, Motown Tofu or something, you know, the one with Diana Ross’s face on the veggie burger wrappers?" I said, handing him the bag. He grumbled, and dug into it ravenously.

"Oh, I almost forgot, this is for you," he said, handing me an envelope, "Tell me again why I’m harboring your personal mail here?"

"I told you," I explained, "The boxes in my building are not safe. They were robbed last week, it was insane. OH MY GOD ." I gasped.

"What?" Xan said with his mouth full.

"Its from BELLA magazine!" I shrieked.

"That creepy indie girl magazine with the crappy fashion photos?" He asked.

"Xan, I got the internship!" I gasped.

"Oh, so now you’re too good for dear ‘ol Xander," Xan grumbled through bits of his lunch. He immediately sulked over to the shelf behind the counter and extracted a few albums.

Joy Divison.

Uh oh. This can't turn out well, I thought.

I turned around. Simon was staring back from the Marilyn Monroe cutout with his hand in a suspicious position, Richard stood motionless, mid air fist punch, Paul looked up from his copy of Howl, and Creepy Porno Guy had dropped his plastic sword.

"What?" I barked out at them. They quickly returned to their activities, looking slightly embarrassed.

The End

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