Fuchsia Illusions

"You're an apparition," the man stated. "I am not afraid of you."

The cat did not respond, approaching with the grace of a lofty sword stroke, his paws soft and precise, his feline body relaxed with a sense of pride. He climbed right up the explorer's leg, placed his forepaws on the man's chest, and looked him straight in the eye. Then the cat opened his mouth and let out a breath.

The man snapped out of the spell with a cry of disgust as the overwhelming smell of the cat's breath crawled into his body and stained his insides. He leaned back abruptly, and one arm hit the cat from his chest. His reaction time was only just fast enough, and the cat's claws did not find a hold in time.

There was a single splash as the cat hit the waters, and then a rumble from deep beneath the sea. Leaning over the side, the explorer watched as the pink smudge of wet fur directly beneath the surface began to cloud and melt away like food coloring in water. His eyes widened in horror as this cloud of color began to spread out across the ocean.

"Illusions," he muttered to himself. But he was unsure. This was not the strangest thing he had seen in the past few days.

The ripple of unnatural color intensified until the horizon seemed to glow. He threw an arm up over his eyes to shield himself, and continued to watch as the horizon bent out of shape and began to rise. The wave was only a kilometer away before he recognized it for what it was.

His eyes went wide, and he sunk his paddle into the water with an urgent anxiety. But his arms were jolted back as his paddle met a solid resistance. He stood up and pulled with all his might, but the paddle would not budge. And what was more, it was starting to sink further. He abandoned the paddle and stood to face his fate with only a simple frown.

"Illusions," he muttered once more. And then the wave hit him.

The End

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