On We Go

You go to bed early that night, you have soccer practice tommorow. You lay on your sheets and think about the decision you made. You're sure it was right.


You wake up early in the morning, slip on your robe and slippers and run outside. You sit on your porch steps for the mail to get there. The mail comes.

After the mailman gets back in his car and drives off, you run across the street and open your box. There's three letters inside.

You look at the first letter, you flip it over.

Mrs. Burke

No, it's for your mom.

You look at the second letter,

you flip it over.

Mr. Burke

Ugh! Is it here or not?

You take the third letter,

and flip it over in a swift motion.

But there's nothing on the back.

Your anxiety takes in and you rip the white envelope open viciously. You reach inside for the next letter. Your hand closes on a  piece of cardstock.

You open it up.......

The End

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