Well Isn't That Gosh Darned Amazing?Mature

Despite breaking her mother’s finger, Shana never gave up on her daughter. Doctor’s marvelled at Cub’s strength when she was growing up. She would spend days in the hospital, just being researched by doctors who had no idea what she was. They called her impossible and a medical miracle. The baby who was supposed to die, and she was stronger than most of them. No one ever revealed Cub’s strength; Shana kept Cub away from people so she wouldn’t be outcast by her neighbours. The people of Arlington looked down on anyone different from them. If they knew Cub’s strength, Shana would be rejected from Arlington without so much as a wave goodbye. She dealt with holes in the wall made by Cub in one of her tantrums and fixed tables and doors numerous times, broken by her daughter when she touched them. Once Cub was old enough to understand no one else was like her, Shana told her she had to hide her gift from other people. No one could know about her strength. Shana hated telling her daughter not to be herself but there was no other way. Shana had had her fair share of attention but she was done with that. If she was going to get attention, she wanted it for the right reasons.

It didn’t take her teachers long to figure out just how remarkable Cub Carter was. She got top marks in everything and read books at a seventh grade level when she was in second grade. It wasn’t just in the class room that Cub dazzled people with her talents. The sports coach wanted her for every team they had. Unfortunately, these talents made her unpopular among her own age group. She often felt she got on better with adults than children. Up until fourth grade, Cub had no friends. She sat alone at lunch and read a book or played jump rope by herself. One morning, during math, her teacher introduced a new student to the class. Josie Bean was another odd child. She had blonde frizzy hair with a mind of its own. Her mother was desperate for Josie to make some friends at this new school so they were both blessed when Miss Petersburg put Josie beside Cub. They fast became inseparable; I don’t think they knew how to be apart after that.


It wasn’t until Cub was fifteen that everything changed. Shana couldn’t hide the child shaped hole in the wall no matter how hard she tried. Everyone found out there was something weird going on up at Carter’s farm. People were one step away from a lynch mob when Cub revealed herself. Everyone goes to Church on a Sunday and every seat gets filled. Shana and Cub were made sit at the back that Sunday. No one wanted the strange folk sitting beside them in case strangeness rubbed off. Shana put up with everything but Cub was going crazy. After Mass, when everybody filed out of church that Sunday, they saw something they would never forget. Cub Carter was holding a car above her head. There were shocked gasps and a few people blessed themselves. Shana told Cub to drop the car and quit messing about. She figured they’d have to move to a different county to avoid this mess.

I think Cub and Shana were both as shocked as each other when everyone in Arlington suddenly became a lot friendlier to them. People were clapping Cub on the back and telling her how ‘gosh darned amazing’ her talent was. No one thought she was weird or strange, they thought she was quite remarkable. After that, a lot more people wanted to be her friend but Cub stuck by Josie. Those two were like sisters of different blood. 

The End

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