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Cherub 'Cub' Carter is the strongest girl in the world. She can lift a car above her head and not break a sweat. If only her family and friends were as easy to work out as lifting a car. Cub must deal with her rising fame while trying not to hurt those around her, and not just physically. Cub Carter's story is one of intrigue and affliction. Not everything is as it seems.

The weatherman was always wrong about Arlington. The predicted sunny spells were nowhere to be seen, instead Arlington was besieged by thunder, lightning and hail. Eli Thorpe had to sacrifice his briefcase to the rain since he always forgot to bring an umbrella with him. Thankfully, the journey from his car to the diner was short. He wiped the case unsuccessfully on his equally drenched jacket sleeve. A rather rotund waitress made her way over to him, laughing.

‘Sugar, that ain’t helping matters. Sit down there ‘til I get you a towel.’ She sat him down on a swivel chair at the diner counter and hurried through the swinging doors that led to the kitchen. Eli looked around when she left. The diner was practically empty, everyone was safe at home during the storm. It looked like a bad day to go looking for an interview but his boss demanded this story be completed and handed up to him by Monday. The smiling waitress came back a moment later and handed Eli a towel. She took his soaking jacket and placed it by the door to dry.

‘What can I do for you sugar? By the looks to that storm out there, you might be here a while.’

‘I’m actually looking for someone. She goes by the name of Cub Carter.’ He questioned her, only for the smile to vanish from her face quickly replaced by a look of despair and indignation.

‘Ain’t nobody go by that name around here son. Now can I get you something to eat or what?’ She held her notepad and pen and fixed him a look of such fortification that he ordered food just so she would leave. Once she left Eli put his head in his hands and sighed. He was one failure away from being fired; he needed to find Cub Carter.

‘Did you say you were lookin’ for Cub Carter?’ An elderly woman with a perfect silver perm and brightly coloured blouse said to him from across the room. She was sitting by herself in one of the booths reading a book. An untouched bowl of tomato soup lay cold by her side.

‘Yeah, you know where I can find her?’ Eli brightened suddenly. Maybe he would get to keep his job after all.

‘Nope. But I do know her. I can tell you all about Cub Carter boy. Why you lookin’ for her anyways?’ The old woman asked curiously. Eli went to sit opposite her in the booth, she smelt of grass and tobacco.

‘I work for the Daily Post in the city. My boss wants me to do an interview with her for an article in the paper.’ Eli explained, hoping the woman would help him.

‘Well I can’t tell you where Cub is son, but I can tell you all about her alright. You know any of her story?’

Eli had to admit he knew nothing of Cub Carter. His boss told him not to research her beforehand. He wanted fresh eyes on the story, non-biased eyes. All he would say was she was pretty famous in her youth for something. The old woman nodded and scratched her head in an absent minded manner; she seemed to find this information totally acceptable.

‘Well boy, I can tell you about Cub if you’d like. She had one hell of a story. I’ll have to start from the beginning but judging by that weather, we got the time.’ She laughed as if this was the most hilarious thing in the world to her. Eli joined in a little. He took his note pad and a pen out of the soaking briefcase.

‘May I ask miss, how do you know Carter?’ Eli asked. The woman just tapped her nose with a liver spotted finger and said, ‘spoiler!’

‘I should start with Shana I suppose; she was Cub’s mother…’


The End

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