The land of Zaire

He felt the heaviness building on his wings as he flew towards Zaire, a place he knew where a library was located. He had never been to one but had heard that they were the best place to go for information.

 “Hi, do you have a section on love?”

The fairy gave him a puzzled look, “Um, sure. It’s called romance, over there in the fiction section.”

The Messenger looked even more puzzled, “Romance? What does that mean?”

“You don’t know what romance is?” he paused, “wait, you’re from Lenore aren’t you?”

Nodding, the Messenger said, “I’m the Messenger, I’ve been asked to investigate love on behalf of a friend.”

“I see. Well, romance or love (there’s not much difference) is when two individuals feel a deep connection with each’s subjective.”

“Subjective? This is going to be harder than I thought.”

“You might also want to look in the self-help section. Good luck.”

That’s strange, the Messenger thought to himself. None of these have ‘love’ or ‘romance’ in the title. And so he decided to borrow as many as he could, hoping that at least one would have the answer. As he carried them towards the desk a female fairy gave him a puzzled look.

“Are you sure that’s what you’re looking for?”

“Yes. No, well I mean I hope so. You see, I’m trying to learn about love.”

She laughed, “Yes, I can see that. But why?”

“I am from Lenore, I’ve been asked to do this as a favour for a friend. We’re hoping it might make things better over there.”

“Oh I see. Well how about trying the internet? You can get lots of information there, and you won’t have to carry as many books. It’s pretty easy to use, just type in what you’re searching for on the computers over there.” She pointed towards a corner where six machines unfamiliar to the Messenger sat, he thanked her anyway.  

The End

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