‘You sounded desperate on the phone,’ he said.

She laughed, ‘Come in, I have to tell you something’. As he sat nervously in front of her, she told him her plan. Because he was the only one that was allowed to travel in and out of Lenore as he pleased, she wanted him to gather books or whatever information he could find so that she could bring love back to Lenore. She secretly hoped that it would bring back happiness to the once lively place she called home. It took a little convincing, but the Messenger agreed. He too hoped that it was what the fairies needed to be happy.

She waited for what seemed like months, but only days had passed. She had not left the house in fear of missing the Messenger’s arrival. With nothing to stimulate her mind, she began to grow impatient. She had to distract herself somehow, she thought. And so she decided to go outside. Having not left the house for days the breeze felt strange and familiar as it welcomed her back into reality.  

As she flew she noticed that despite the warmth of the sun and the brightly coloured flowers, the other fairies looked as despondent as she had felt, reminding her of why she wanted to bring love back to Lenore. So much for a distraction. Then for no apparent reason, she looked down at the ground and saw an old man whose wings had deteriorated to a point where he could no longer fly on his own. She felt sorry for the poor man and flew towards him. “Hey aren’t you the barber girl?” she laughed at being called a girl, for she was well into her late forties.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Haven’t seen you in the shop for a while.”

“Oh yes, I’ve been... busy”. He nodded, and started to continue his walk.

“Wait,” she said. “Let me help you.” And his face lit up a little.

As they walked she learned that the old man’s name was Fred, and that he had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, with only a month to live. Feeling sorry for the old man once more, she invited him over to her home. “It’s a date,” He responded. 

The End

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