In a world without love there were no families, not any new ones at least. Marriage too, was forbidden by the Queen. So the population remained steady, unless there was a broken condom of course. However the new generation were only allowed education that was sufficient to whatever occupation had been chosen for them. Literature was banned as it promoted the idea of love and romance. 

Natalie was a barber, the only one in Lenore in fact. Somebody needed to do it, and because fairy hair was durable and available, it was used to make clothing, blankets, and other garments. It was for this reason she liked her job, Natalie liked to be useful. But for the most part she found her job rather boring. It was always the same customers with the same stories. The only thing that kept her sane was the small television that lived in the top right hand corner of the shop. Her favourite thing to watch was the news, it was the closest thing to soap operas she could get as they were also forbidden. But that wasn't the only reason, if she was lucky she would see news about extravagant marriage proposals, weddings and celebrity gossip about who was dating who. Of course the news wasn't local, as it didn't serve the Queen. If she wanted to find out details of a particular fairy or event, she would hire a loyal fairy to do so. And there was always the court jester if she wanted to be entertained. 

Seeing the occasional stories of extravagant marriage proposals, weddings and celebrity gossip gave her a slight hope of happiness, even though she knew that she could never have  the same. She had given up on making conversation with her customers, knowing that nothing desirable would ever come of it. She wasn't alone, the other fairies never talked to each other unless it was absolutely necessary. So she called her friend the Messenger, or as we know him; the mailman. She had to find out about love, never having experienced it herself made her even more impertinent. What was this thing that made people so happy? And why would the Queen forbid such a thing in the first place? As she contemplated, she was interrupted by a loud knock on the door. It was the Messenger.

The End

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