The Importance of Love

In a land inhabited by fairies, anything is possible, except finding true love. Welcome to Lenore, a place ruled by Corabelle, a queen whose heart remains broken. She therefore cast a spell which makes it impossible for her followers to love and those who try to are severely punished.

His name was Fred. The doctor had told him that he only had a month to live, and so as quickly as he could, he crossed off the things off his bucket list one by one. Did he feel satisfied? No. He never really wanted to go bungee jumping; being a sixty-seven year old man, it terrified him. In fact, the only reason he did it was because his niece who decided to tag along was so persistent. He hated the way the wind felt against his face, making his dentures feel as though they were about to pop out. And when he tried to fly to India he was robbed at the airport. He had accidently left his wallet at the bar while he went to the bathroom, only to find that it was gone when he returned. Not to mention the staff not letting him through because his face didn’t match his passport photo. It was taken almost forty-five years ago, of course he would look different. But they didn’t believe him, he had no driver’s licence to prove it.

Why do fairies drive you ask? Well you see, their wings are like muscles, and when muscles are overused they become painful and tired. This only made the old man want to die sooner, but the day never came. He became depressed. Being the old fairy that he was, his wings were no longer able to carry him. And whenever he tried to cross something off his bucket list, something went wrong. It was as though he was destined for doom and gloom, but looking back at his past, he remembered that not everything was all bad. There was Emma, his ex wife slash lover. Well, she passed away eight years ago, so technically they’re not together anymore right? Besides that, she was the most tolerant person he had ever come across. She was smart and beautiful, with her dark brown eyes and flowing blonde hair. Everything she did seemed so natural and effortless; perfect. He missed her, he thought of the memories they had, like when she decided to surprise him with a picnic she had set up waiting for him. It was in the most magnificent park he had ever seen. She said that she knew some people that could keep the space free for them. It was the last anniversary they spent together, and the first time she had ever bothered to do anything special for their anniversary, as she thought it was just another excuse for spending money. It was as if she knew that her time was up. Did she know? He wasn't sure, it all happened so fast.

All he wanted was to be loved again. How he wished that he could love again, but love was forbidden now. Queen Corabelle had forbidden anyone from love of any kind, nobody knew why exactly but they say she has a broken heart. If only he could fix it.. He walked over to the window and looked out at the other fairies, going about their daily lives as if nothing was wrong. But they knew better, everyone secretly wanted to be able to love again but were fearful of being turned into a human or pig as punishment by the Queen. There had to be a way, he thought to himself.  


The End

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