Things Happen

Carter startled as much as he was horrified, backed up against a wall and breathed heavily. Tutankhamun didn't just look fast asleep, he was fast asleep. Asleep for so many centuries. Carter crept closer and noticed a black book clasped tightly in Tutankhamun's fingers. The body gave a soft moan when Carter prised the book from his fingers. 

"With great power, comes great responsibility," the first page read. Ignoring it, Carter went over the contents of the second page. They were just a bunch of warnings, in heiratic and demotic. He flipped the page. Again warnings. It took a while to get to the page without any warnings. On it was a single line, elegantly written in a strange script. Carter cleared his throat and began to read.

General Ay watched Tutankhamun everyday, carefully. Today, he had a plan to get rid of him. It wasn't the first time he had tried, but this was surely the most successful. It was mealtime, and General Ay reached into his robes to reveal a bluish-green vial. He opened it and poured the vile contents into a bowl of food. Quickly as he had come, he slunk away, moments before the cook took the food and handed it to Tutankhamun who was coughing violently. Tutankhamun lifted the food to his lips, but no sooner had the food reached his mouth than spasms wracked his body. But, he didn't die.

The book dropped from Carter's hands as he trembled with anticipation. HE looked over to Tutankhamun in time to see him stop breathing. He could have sworn Tutankhamun just said "Thank you."

The End

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