Tutankhaten closed the books, stowed away the papers and coughed when he breathed in the stirring dust. General Ay's eyes were on his back, ever watchful and waiting for a chance to wring the boy's little neck. But none of that mattered to Tutankhaten now. He had something greater on his mind. Tutankhaten had discovered the secret to immortality.

Tutankhamun's tomb was dark and Carter imagined shadows jumping out at him. He held his breath and swept the single beam of light over the room.                                                                 Carter was disappointed. Tutankhamun's tomb was stripped of it's riches, either by grave robbers or by the early archaeologists. He sighed, took a step back, and then walked toward's Tutankhamun's coffin. Accidentally his foot knocked over a canopic jar. Carter winced. Canopic jars held the internal organs of the mummy. When Carter looked down, nothing had spilled, the jar was empty. Carter looked in the other three jars as well. Nothing. That was when he noticed the slight rise and fall of Tutankhamun's chest.

Tutankhaten's hands were clasped around Nefertitti's. She was dying. Tutankhaten cried, his sobs echoing through the dimly lit room.He had found the secret of immortality, but what use was a long life when it was too late save his mother?

Nefertitti slowly stroked Tutankhaten's head, as he cried. Then her hand fell. Nefertitti was dead. Tutankhaten cried harder, and the priests of Amun entered.  

"Be strong, boy." The leader said.

"Your father's faith in the god Aten has brought this misfortune upon you. But now, no more. You shall be Tutankhamun now, not Tutankhaten. Rise Tutankhamun, and embrace your kingdom with strength and courage. Lead your people with wisdom."

Tutankhamun rose, wiped a tear and nodded.

The End

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