Behind the bookshelf were books and bottles. Pictures of gods were engraved on the paneling. As Tutankhaten's hands reached for a book, hieroglyphs on the sides began to glow. With shaky hands and hesitant movements, he walked to the center of the dusty room. He coughed again, spasms racking through his body. It left him feeling like he had just been hit by the tail of a Nile crocodile.

Carter wasn't happy to have to find his way through the tomb passageways with the help of only one flashlight, with no extra batteries. He gripped the walls while he walked, but not stopping to admire the intricate paintings on the wall. He had what was as close to a mission, as this expedition would get. The only thing that was important were the riches of Tutankhamun's tomb. Suddenly his head slammed into a low ceiling. Startled Carter dropped his flashlight, and the light was snuffed out when it hit the floor. Heart in mouth, he dropped to the floor and groped for the light. If he didn't find it, he would probably rot in this pit forever. 

      Fortunately for Carter, he found the flashlight again, shook it and was glad to see it come back to life. He shone it at the wall in front of him. Hieroglyphs were carved on the frame of a door which seemed to lead into a small roomed. Carter trembled at the sight of the hieroglyphs.

 "Death shall visit him with swift wings, to he who disturbs the peace of the king"

He was here.

The End

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