The Immortals


Crap. I glared at the text books that had fallen out of my locker and currently scattered across the floor. Today was not going well for me. I've gotten lost, been late to all my classes, had a teacher spill his coffe on my new uniform and been forced to recite the same boring speech to a group of kids who couldn't care less who I was. Now to top it off, my locker was having a fight with me and winning. Oh yeah, I was having a fantastic first day. 

" Rough first day?" Some one asked as I started to pick up my books from across the corridor. The locker really didn't like having them in it. I looked up to see a girl kneeling down with me, putting the books she collected into a neat pile. I couldn't help but noticed that every one went out of their way to avoid hitting her but had no problem trampling me and my books. Yes, I do realise how pathetic I sound.
"What gave you the impression?" I asked. As if to answer my question, someone walked passed up, hitting me on the back of my head with their bag.
" Because everyone is treating you like you don't exist. They do that with all the new people," She said. " Don't worry too much about it though. It'll get better, I promise."
" Really? And uh, when will that be happening?" I asked her, not even bothering to keep the doubt from my voice.
"Yo Jas! Move your butt or we'll be late!" A guy, at least I hope it was a guy by the sound of their voice, called from behind. The girl, who I now assumed was Jas, rolled her eyes.
" That's my exit cue I'm afraid," She said, getting up and handing me the books. " It will get better soon. See you around." And she rushed passed me, being the first to try not to hit me and headded to the guy. Man he was big! Not overweight big, just...tall and a weightlifter's physique. Not a guy I would be in a hurry to get on the wrong side of. The kind of guy girls like Jas would go out with. The complete opposite of me.

" Do you have any idea who that was?" I jumped and nearly dropped all my books again. I spun around to see my 'guide', Rick, standing right behind me.
" Do you have any idea how annoyingly creepy that is?" I retorted. Of course I had no idea who she was. It was my first day here for crying out loud!
" That was Jaslyn O'Brian," Rick informed me as if I had said nothing.
" Smart, rich, artistically talented and without question or argument, hot."
" I wouldn't call her hot." I really have to pay attention to what I let come out of mouth. Rick looked at me as if I started talking in Latin.
" Are you kidding? She's hot incarnate," Rick argued.
" I didn't mean it like that. I just meant..." How the hell could I explain this? I don't even know what I meant by it. " When you associate someone with hot, you're basically saying they're danger. You know, play with fire and you get hurt. That girl Jaslyn just doesn't seem the type." Oh god, what was I saying? I'm a disgrace to the male gender. Rick look like he agreed with me.
"Alright, tell me what type you think she is then," He challenged. Crap. I took my glasses of and cleaned them, buying myself some time.
" Call me old fashioned, but I don't see anything wrong with the word beautiful. She's small and delicate. The type of girl who guys want to protect from being hurt. Absolutely loved by everyone. If someone tries to take advantage of her, the jerk would be shunned from society." Ok, I even surprised myself with that rant.  Rick shrugged.
" What ever dude, she's still hot," He said.
"who's still hot?" A girl girl asked as she leaned on Rick. The first thing I noticed was that she had dark red hair that was streaked with orange.
" You are of course," Rick said, smiling at her.
" Really? Because it sounded like you were talking about Jaslyn and newbie here was telling you how the female gender likes to be described; flattering yet respectful," She said. Rick pulled a face and I laughed. The girl seemed pretty laid back for some one who heard her boyfriend talk about another girl. " I'm Melissa by the way. This very forunate geek's girlfriend."
" Daniel," I said, returning the greeting.
" Right. I'm still gonna call you newbie," Melissa said. " So, judging by the way you decribed O'brian, I'm gonna take a guess and say you have a little sister?"
" Silvia. She's eight."
"Thought so. And you're right about Jaslyn. Not a person at this school who doesn't like her, though anyone who hurts her has to answer to her twin brother," Melissa explained. " That's the guy she went off with, Emlyn. I know what you're thinking and no, no one dares point out how girly his name sounds. He's very protecive of his sister, apparently ever since they lost their parents when they were younger. They live with their aunt now."
" Mel, honey, as facinating as the O'Brian story is, why don't you trying breathing between sentences, ok?" Rick cut in, putting a hand over her mouth.  He turned to me. " Sorry, but she inherited the gift to talk under water from her mother." Melissa glared at him until he removed his hand. She also punched him in the shoulder, which looked like it really hurt." That was for insulting my mother and I at the same time," She said and left. Rick sighed.  The bell went at that moment. Rick turned to me.
" What do you have now?" He asked.
" Uh... ancient history," I answered, reading off my time table.
" Great, the complete opposite direction from where I'm going. I would love to show you, but I have the math teacher from hell," Rick said. " You go down the hall, take the second right, go up the first flight of stairs on your left then straight down the hall. It should be the....fourth door on your left. Good luck." Before I could say thanks, Rick ran down the hall. Great. I'm never going to remember all that. But I head down the hall anyway, hoping that I don't get too lost on my way there.
Yeah, this first day was going fantastic.

The End

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