The Immortal Wars: ElduraiMature

In a world were the supernatural is natural and gods are as common as mundanes, there is a war starting. The war will determine the fate of their world and our world. Either both will survive or both will be destroyed.


The night was filled with screams.  Screams that echoed across the lonely mountains surrounding the small valley of Al Jaunil.  The screams continued as the army spread through the city of Colinnia.  They were making their way to the temple at the far end of the valley.  As it spread across the city, so did the slaughter and blood.  Blood and death soaked the earth; and the earth drank its fill.

The people of Colinnia, the city that was now nearly extinct, fought with powers the Eldurai had given them, but they were no match for this army.  This army was an endless horde.  As the army reached the edge of the city, the earth shook with an enormous shudder; this made the hordes stop.

A forest was between the temple and Colinnia; the forest was the last protector of the Eldurai.  The strongest protector of the Eldurai.

Suddenly the earth at the edge of the forest ruptured and two huge masses shot out of the ground.  They were not human; they were not animals.  The beings were neither.  The men in the army screamed as the creatures fell on them and began ripping their puny bodies apart like they were blades of grass.  The creatures were so fast the men had no time to even raise their weapons to defend themselves; they were so large it really did not matter.

The beasts looked like wolves, but were a light shade of blue and they had huge wings that fluttered like shadows folded along their sides.  Their claws were hooked, jagged, and sharp enough to slice through steel like it was paper.  Long, navy lines of fur ran down their spine.  With long tails that were entirely navy, they were able to sweep their enemies up into the air.  Their eyes glowed a dark red and their teeth were stained with blood of men.

Half the army was massacred by the time the leaders did anything.  A shout rang across the valley which was followed by a bright flash of emerald light.  The light flashed across the city and struck one of the creatures, which was in the middle of tearing a man apart.  The creature was flung up into the air and tossed to the ground with a thud that shook the valley.

The creature growled as it rose; it was favoring its right side and its left, back leg hung useless.  As it was rising from the ground, a popping sound split the air and, with a shimmer of light, a man appeared wearing a black cloak with the hood up.  The monster tilted its head to the side and growled.  And then it spoke; the words and the voice were not audible to the human ear.

"You dare attack a Al Jaunil?" it asked, stepping forward.  The other Al Jaunil came over and stood next to its brother.

"You are nothing but beasts with brains," muttered the man.  "Your kind need to be wiped out.  You no longer belong in this world.  It is time for us humans to rule!"

"We are of the race of fae!  We will exist as long as man exists!" shouted the uninjured Al Jaunil.

But as the man raised his hand, his palm out, and the creatures fell to the ground lifeless, he knew.  And he laughed.

"I guess those rules no longer apply!"  With that, he smiled and waved the hordes forward.

The End

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